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Landscaping Design Basics for home owners

Landscaping Design Basics for home owners

We all love anything beautiful for our compound. Landscaping is a way to achieve this feat for our compound. Gardening has been with us for ages and many approaches are taken in our gardening practices alongside landscaping designs unconsciously.

What landscaping is?

Landscaping is the art of making a modification on the visible physical features of the land. It is the aesthetics design for the land area. Usually, in our homes and recreational centers, landscaping can be done to bring out the beauty of the area. Just like in gardening, landscape also involves the planting beautification with flowers and plants.

How landscaping is related to gardening

Gardening and landscaping are two interwoven terms that are often used freely without knowing where one ends and the other begins. As there are some close similarities but so are differences between the two.

In gardening, it is beautification involving the planting of flowers and plants by anyone who loves the practice. This can be around the home or even as a profession. For landscaping, it is more of a professional practice. They take a more technical look into land structure, topography and resources to decide the method on making the landscaping design for the area.

Landscaping and topography

Topography is a key consideration when landscaping contracts are given out. This is the structure of the land area to be designed. There are different land structures and this can determine the type of landscaping to be employed on the land area.

The landscaping contractor or professional may have to carry out some repair, so to say, on the land area to enable desired landscaping method.

Grading can be done to reshape the land for landscaping if need be. There can also be a cutting process which is the removal of earth from slopes. This can be necessary for leveling of the land area. There may also be a refill for low leveled areas.

In all, landscaping designs have other components such as edging, growing plants and making of various landscape features such as water body and pool areas.

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