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Have Indoor Garden Ideas and add colour to your Home

Have Indoor Garden Ideas and add colour to your Home

If you are a gardening enthusiast and feel that your home looks dull without a garden then you can try some indoor garden ideas in the balcony or on the terrace. This will add some colour to your home. To start this garden you can use any accessories that you can find in the house like used plastic bottles, containers, wires and a lot more.

How to start a garden in your Balcony: To start an indoor garden you need to buy the plants that you will like to have and then start preparing the soil and containers to put them in. You can start in a small way and then extend your garden when you have gained experience. Any cans that you have in your home can be cut into two and used for planting these indoor plants.

Arrange these plants around in your balcony and water them regularly and watch them grow. If you have plastic bottles put the plants in the plastic bottles and suspend them from the roof. Once these plants start growing you can place them in your sitting room or your bedroom anywhere you like to add some colour.

Having a Kitchen Garden on the Terrace: Why not extend indoor garden ideas to have a kitchen garden on the terrace? When there is a space constraint, there is nothing much one can do then use any available space to have a garden.

You can get tubs for planting lettuce, coriander, radish and spinach. Brinjals and tomatoes can also be planted using plastic pots. To grow these plants you will have to get the soil prepare it and put it in the pots, then grow the plants. The plants will need to be watered regularly.

Brighten up your sitting room with Indoor Plants: Use indoor garden ideas and give your sitting room a new life. There are a lot of indoor plants that you can add to your sitting room and brighten it up. You can have parlor plam in a pot and place it in one corner of the sitting room.

Another palm which is very good indoors is the kentia palm which can be installed in another corner. If you are looking for indoor garden ideas read above and see what would meet your requirements of an indoor garden.

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