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INTRODUCTION: In buildings, we have windows which serve as a pathway for air and light to pass through. These windows are found in different rooms in a building and they could be more than one in a room. In order to ensure privacy and regulate the intensity of sunlight that enters a room, curtains are used in covering the window.

There are different kinds of curtains as they are made with different kinds of materials. These are majorly fabrics. Apart from this, curtains differ in styles, designs, colors etc. An example of a curtain is roman curtain.

ROMAN CURTAINS: Roman curtains are blind curtains that could be in any room in a building as they complement its décor. The roman curtain helps to provide a great look in a living room or any other room. Roman curtains are made with different kinds of materials. They are majorly made with 100 percent polyester, and its fabric is of top quality organza.

Roman curtains are made in different styles and designs. They are very beautiful and attractive as they serve as a perfect décor to a room. Asides the major function that roman curtains serve, they help beautify a room. This is as a result of the fact that the roman curtains are designed in stylish ways.

They are also available in various colors. These colors are quite bright and give people the privilege to make choices. Furthermore, one could select a color of roman curtain that would go and match with the color of a room.

EXAMPLES OF ROMAN CURTAINS: There are different kinds of roman curtains. Some examples include:

  1. Uphome 1pcs liftable organza kitchen balcony curtains- tie up rod pocket roman window shades
  2. Chicology roman shade, jute fabric
  3. Radiance cape cod bamboo roman shade
  4. Diadi rural sheer curtain lace, hollow balloon blind, vintage curtain valance, finished café
  5. 1pcs sheer liftable organza embroidered kitchen curtains roman widow shades
  6. Top finel linen cotton window treatment roman shades blinds etc

CONCLUSION: Asides the examples of roman curtains mentioned above, there are various other examples of roman curtains. These curtains are sure to provide one with maximum satisfaction he desires.

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