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Window Shades for greater Aesthetic Appeal

Window Shades for greater Aesthetic Appeal

Window shades act as insulators preventing heat from moving out of the house and preventing the cold from entering into the house. They also improve the visual appeal of the house. They are one of the most common treatments for windows and can be easily installed. Homeowner installs window shades as per their needs.

Different types of Window Shades: There are plenty of options in window shades. Some have mechanisms which help in opening and shutting the shades. The different types of window shades are:

  • Hard window shades are good for controlling the light entering into the room as well as for energy efficiency. For better efficiency shades of wood grain or bamboo are effective.
  • Roman Shades are made up of sections that fold under each other for easy movement and are good for insulation.
  • Roller Shades are easy to operate by just pulling them down and are affordable but may stop working midway.
  • Pleated Shades are slats which are closely stacked which are very good for insulation.

What are the advantages of Window shades? Every homeowner requires window shades for different purposes. Some use window shades for decorative purposes while others use them to filter light that enters into the room. Most often the window shades that you choose should be convenient as well as reliable.

You also get a mechanism that operates the window shades with the touch of a button, providing you with an operation system which is hassle free. There are shades which can be programmed to open and close at the appropriate time while others can be operated with a remote.

Solar Shades and their Uses: Solar shades reflect the light that falls on the window and do not allow it to penetrate inside. Heat from outside is absorbed by the solar screens. Solar shades help you to save energy, money as well as time. They help to reduce the energy charges of the home by 10-15% and can be operated manually or motorized.

It decreases the glare and helps in increasing the comfort as well as productivity. Solar shades  are made of material that is antimicrobial and resistant to UV rays as well as flame. So install window shades that protect you from UV rays and help you to save energy.

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