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Distinguishing the modern home
  designs with the traditional ones

Distinguishing the modern home designs with the traditional ones

The home design has been done with the more curious aspect with regard to the elegant look in today’s era. There is a mixture of the ancient modern effect in most of the designs of the current modern home design. There has to be an inclusion of a style that needs to be nurtured in the exteriors. We see that the fashion of the bricks that are used is raw and this is the inclination towards the new invent in the field of the construction.

The spacious aspect of the outlook: More importance is given to the space that is outside the home. The lawn which forms the base of the look for the house creates a natural outlook for the home and accordingly enhances the aspect of the view from the exterior part of the home. The home would be designed in such a way so that the same would enable the playing area for the kids, the walking facility for the men and women in the lawn and also the construction of the swimming pool for family altogether. This could be your modern home design for the experience of divine.

The parking facility and the material used: Another design that would be a part of the exterior home design would be that, the same could be built with the wood. The parking facility for the vehicles is another important aspect of the design. The wooden design has a lot of positive effect in today’s design of the home as this not only depicts the fashion in the construction but also the aspect of cost cutting. The bricks alignment would require steps like the plasting and use of the raw materials such as the cement and sand. This would prove to be expensive. However, the usage of the wood would not only be safe during natural calamities but also would evolve lot of the designs that can be modified accordingly.

Use of natural sources: The sources such as the trees and plants have to be used more around the home as this increases the beauty and the health of the family residing within the house and also for the beauty outside. We can also make sure that there are different variety of plants used in the garden so that there is diversity in its look and also would enhance the beauty of the exterior part of the house that has the best impression when it is been approached.

The Wooden exteriors could be dismantled as well and the covering that is created between the two ends can be done with the glass being used in between. This will create a revolutionary design and also lead to more safety towards the exteriors of the house. The gates are set with the distance away from the entrance of the house to give the wide space look for the house. This way the house would look large and spacious.

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