Multipurpose sofa sleeper to
  create illusion of a big room

Multipurpose sofa sleeper to create illusion of a big room

Life is becoming complicated because of urbanizing and increasing population! The stumbling block created by these two factors is the lack of space for people to live. Usually people have a bedroom, kitchen, and a living room in their houses. But think of the people who live in studio apartments! They hardly have space for all these rooms.

A judicious way for solving this problem is to have a sofa sleeper which can be a sofa as well as a bed. Some element of rethinking and reinventing can give best results ever. A sofa sleeper is a couch, which contains a bed in it. If adjusted towards the front or back, it can be a perfect sleeping platform for one or two. It has an inbuilt bed with mattresses on which anybody can enjoy a placid and halcyon sleep. It can be a perfect bed for the guests who come home for an overnight stay.

Full sized sofa sleepers or queen sized ones can be a clever thought for sleeping two adults comfortably. These sofa beds when stretched are 70 inches wide and 80-84 inches long. While a queen sized couch bed is 80 inches wide and 90 inches long. There are sectional sofa beds which have storage spaces beneath them.

It is always better to buy a bed couch made of hardwood or a combination of hardwood and plywood if they are to last a longer time. It would be also wise enough to avoid the one made of soft wood because it will not last long. Another tip of advice while choosing a hide- a-bed is that they should be very attractive because most of the time it is going to perform the function of a sofa in a living room. They can be shifted from one place to another to give a new look to a room. In short, the sofa sleeper teaches the users the magic of converting a beautiful living room to a peaceful bedroom.

1- Roommate Sofa Sleeper by Scan Design – available in  This comfortable sofa can be an attractive piece of decoration when used to sit on it and a place to sleep when converted into a bed. This couch comes in double size and also queen size. It can easily accommodate a good intentioned guest who comes without any prior intimation. Only three steps are needed to unfold the bed and it has a steel rod on which the bed is built. It has got a huge storage space under it for storing pillows.

2- Lyndon Comfort Leather Sleeper Sofa – available in  One of the main plus point of this sleeper is that they come in 8 sizes such as chair, twin seat, full size, queen size, comfort sleeper, recliner and sectional sofa sizes. It is made of hardwood and highly stuffed with foam for incredible comfort. Another advantage of this sofa bed is that there is a dust cover under the bed which helps to keep the dust away from the bed mattresses.

3- Ultra Sofa Bed with Storage Brown Fabric/Off White Eco Leather- available in In this type of sofa the mainframe is a little dark while the cushions on it is in contrasting light color. It gives a grand look to this hide-a-bed. It has a length of 87 inches and a width of 42 inches. It comes in two colors like brown and off white. A rich and safe cushion and easy to operate features make it worth buying for the money spent.

4- Ikea Skiftebo dark gray sofa bed- available in This eye catching couch, comes in 5 different colors such as gray, orange, beige, brown and black. It has a huge inbuilt storage space under it. On the negative side, one may get hurt if inverted. To avoid that this sofa has to be fixed to the walls. It is 55 inches wide and 78 inches tall.

5- Harvest Sleeper Sofa by Ashley – available in It is completely made of polyester and has foam cushions. It has a mattress in it and its mainframe is made of wood. It belongs to harvest collection and the back cushion is attached to the sofa. It is comfortable and lasts long. It is easy to clean and maintain.

6- Viceroy Palliser Leather Sleeper Sofa – available in Palliser sells the best ottomans in the world. They have a wide variety of sofas from which one can pick the favorite one. Gracefully made of hardwood and Italian leather, it makes the owner proud of possessing it. The coil shaped arms make it very attractive at the same time comfortable to place the arms on it.

7-Hannin Sleeper Sofa by Signature Design by Ashley – available in wayfair It comes in three colors like spice (Red),stone(tan color) and lagoon(Gray color).This convertible couch can sleep two and comes with a comfortable queen size bed which is 4.5” thick. Moreover the mattress is made of foam and synthetic fiber. The feet of this sofa bed are made of wood instead of non-durable plastic ones. It adds value and beauty in a tiny studio apartment!

8- Colton Queen Memory Foam Sleeper Sofa – available in valuecityfurniture This rug in black color truly justifies the amount spent on it because it is not only comfortable to sleep on but adds a rustic look to the home décor. It can be easily converted to a sleeper bed to sleep an overnight guest. It has pillow top cushion armrests and fluffy seat cushions. Each and every cushion is thoughtfully fastened together with Velcro to prevent them from coming out of their places.

9-Safia Slate Queen Sofa Sleeper – available in livingspaces Indeed an owner’s pride, this kind of sofa is a rich combination of functionality and beauty. It can quickly be converted into a queen size bed. It comes in gray and blue colors and has track arms and slim legs. It comes with pillows usually with stripe or floral prints. It is a cheap and also a valuable investment which adds beauty to any homestead.

10- York Sleeper Sofa by Westelm This sofa bed comes with removable metal legs. It has low, wide arms and low bed depth which makes it comfortable to get up after a sleep. Be it the cushion or the mattress every part of it is hand made in the USA. When unfolded it makes a comfortable queen size bed with wooden legs. But caution has to be taken by keeping it away from the sun to prevent it from fading!

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