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How Can You Choose the Perfect
  Black Leather Sofa

How Can You Choose the Perfect Black Leather Sofa

Leather has always been a sign of luxury. Leather interior in cars, leather jackets in fashion or even leather furniture at houses. It just gives a touch of elegance to whatever it is used in. A black leather sofa is becoming really trendy in home décor catalogues and designers started to recommend it as an important part to complete your masterpiece (house). Yet, using the wrong black leather sofa can be a disaster if it was not matching. There are some of the best ways to choose the right sofa for you and what are the Dos and Don`ts when it comes to taking care of it.

The Style
A black leather sofa can go both with classic and contemporary modern themes. It all depends on how the sofa is designed. A sofa that is mixed with steel elements such as its foot pegs or pins that are used to fix the leather itself is definitely a classic one. Wooden frames will also add a vintage touch to the sofa. On the other hand, modern ones are usually a mix between artificial synthetic leather and aluminum. Sharp edges also serve the modern design. So, make sure that you choose a sofa that fits in with the rest of the other elements.

The Location
You can put the black leather sofa in a living room, in the reception hall or even in the study room. Technically you can put it anywhere as long as it is indoors (we will mention why later on) and fits with the rest of the furniture pieces.

The Size
Again, it depends on your purpose of use and the location of the sofa. If you are planning on placing it in the reception hall and a lot of people will be using it, then you need more seats and an L-Shaped sofa will be the perfect choice for example. If you are planning on using it in the study room, then a sofa that holds up to two persons is more than enough. Just make sure that you don`t overcrowd the room and keep in mind the size proportions to other furniture pieces when placing the sofa.

Dos and Don`ts
Don`t place a black leather sofa in a terrace or an open place by any means. Using it outdoors may be the worst idea ever. Direct sunlight and rain will ruin the leather and shortens its lifetime giving you a very ugly look for the sofa. Try to clean the sofa with a warm piece of cloth and using leather cleaning additives is a plus to keep your leather shining.
I hope that his article will be a helpful guide for choosing your black sofa leather. After all you don`t really need the whole thing to backfire in your face. You need to make your place look more elegant, but choosing the wrong sofa will literally ruin everything you made.

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