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​Install motorized window shades for a better look

​Install motorized window shades for a better look

Window shades are available in PVC, leather, wood, aluminium and fabric. These play a very important role in privacy and comfort. It also helps to control the light entering into the room so having the right shade you can arrange the amount of light you want into the room.

Different Types of Shades

There are different varieties of shades that can be used on the windows to filter light and add to the privacy. The Horizontal ones provide double benefit by allowing just the required amount of light into the room and providing privacy. Another variety available is the cellular or pleated shades, which are available in different colours and protect the room from UV rays besides adding privacy. The third type of shade is the Roller shades which can adjust the light entering into the room.

The fourth type of shade used in a house is the Roman Shade which comes in different types of fabrics and colours. They are also known as woven shades and can provide the room with a better view and improve on its architecture. The fifth type of shade that you can use is sheer horizontal shade which curtails the entry of light depending on the transparency of the fabric.

Motorised Window Shades to Control the entry of Light

Motorised window shades can be raised or lowered with the press of a button to allow the light to enter into a room or to shut the light entering into a room. These help to make the shades safe for children and pets. They are convenient for a room where you want to raise or lower the blinds at once like a bedroom.

Motorised Cellular Shades are made of fabric that is soft to touch and allows right to filter into the room protecting the room from the harmful effects of UV rays. They are known for their durability and can be fixed in a double or single cell thickness depending on the requirement.

Advantages of Motorised Window Shades

Motorised shades make them very convenient for operating with just the press of a button. Their   operation can be scheduled as per your requirements. It is good for security. It keeps the AC from heating in hot weather and protects the furniture.

If you are deciding to get motorised window shades for your home check on the different varieties and get one that fulfils your needs.

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