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Get a Long Lasting Value for your Decking by using Bamboo Decking

Get a Long Lasting Value for your Decking by using Bamboo Decking

Decking is one adorable way of keeping the home especially outdoor area styled and attractive. If you want your patio looking classy, having it decked will sure add spice to its look.

The traditional decking material before now has been of wood. But in contemporary times, the upcoming of bamboo decking has given a very strong challenge for the material of choice. Bamboo, that’s right! Bamboo is widely used today.

I guess you are wondering the look of the bamboo plant and how it would fit into making such flooring demand. Yes, it is. In fact, it will amaze you how bamboo has an edge when it comes to comparing with wood.

The lifespan of bamboo: This high and fast growing plant matures for harvesting within four years after planting. And when made into the usable form, it can last for an upward of twenty years. Twenty years warranty! That is great to know. Bamboos are very durable in this regard and would make a great decking material. So, consider bamboo decking next time for your decking.

Types of bamboo for consideration: Bamboo can be put into two forms, which are the solid laminated form and the strand woven form. They are suited to cater for the indoor and outdoor decking.

The solid laminated form is meant for the outdoor decking. This is so because of the lamination applied. Usually, long lengths of bamboo chips are glued under high pressure to give a strong looking finish to withstand heat and moist conditions.

The strand woven is made of smaller chips and can’t stand the harshness like its counterpart. Bamboo is beautiful when finished. The look on the ground adds a natural feel to your home appearance.

Advantages and disadvantages of bamboo

Bamboo is preferred over wood for the followings:

  • It is cheaper and harder than hardwood!
  • It has high decay resistant and insect attack
  • It is more durable compared to wood and environmentally friendly too

The disadvantages:

  • Maintenance is high due to specialized oil needed
  • It is not well suited for rainy climates