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Install the Best Carport Canopy to House your Car

Install the Best Carport Canopy to House your Car

If you have a car and no garage then the best option instead of building a garage is to buy a carport canopy. It is built or assembled to protect the car from the elements when there is no garage to house the car. It is built with a sturdy frame to protect the car from snow as well as wind.

Carport Canopy of Wood

The carport canopy is made of Sierra wood and is ideal to fit a single car. It is quite spacious with good headroom. The garage door is 8ft X 7ft which is comfortable to get the car in and out. These carport canopies are available locally and you can have one to match your home décor. This carport kit has 24in O.C. and 2 x 4 frames

It is built to withstand a snow load of 40 pounds and is resistant to wind of 90MPH. Once this carport is order it is shipped directly to your address. It has a floor but shingles and door has to be paid for separately by the homeowner. This carport comes with 25 year warranty

Compact Auto Shelter

A compact shelter for auto can provide   your car with protection from all natural elements. It is constructed with a strong frame of steel which is 1 3/8 in grade. It is provided with a thermostat baked powder coating which will prevent it from corroding, rusting, peeling or chipping. The 4 ribs in the frame design make it strong and portable and easy to install. The triple- layer fabric is 100% waterproof and UV treated.

The lock stabilizers provided for the shelter enhance it with strong stability. It easily slides along rail lock system.

Advantages of Carport Canopy

It is best to protect the car from snow and 90MPH wind.  It can also protect the car from rain. It is sturdy and stable and can be shifted if you change your residence. The powder coat used on the carport is baked to prevent rusting and other forms of decay. The one that is made of Sierra wood is also well treated for preservation.

If you are deciding on a carport canopy to protect your car from the elements then check on the various canopies and choose one that fulfils all your needs.