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Treat your windows to a fancy with Plantation Shutter to fit

Treat your windows to a fancy with Plantation Shutter to fit

Plantation shutters are not just unique in their design patterns but are a value addition to any home type. They are special kind of shutters with an array of slats or louvers in columns and sections. They are particularly made to fit a window interior design of windows as being the type of shutters. Every home would love the beauty these classes of shutters add to a home décor.

You have a choice in louver size and style

In a shutter design, the slats are a major part. They are the units for the amounts of controlled lights and outside view. Today’s designs of a plantation shutter come in diverse range of these louvers or slats. The average louver size commonly used by many homeowners is the 21/2 inch size type. These are appropriate to make enough entrance for light penetration. The 3 ½ is also used by some homes but not as common as the 21/2 inch type.

Rails design in plantation shutters can vary

Rails in a shutter help to divide the shutter slats into sections. Most of the times, rails are on the top and the bottom type but it is also seen today to have rails, especially the narrow ones, come in between the top and the bottom rails. This gives the additional ability of control on the louvers. With this design, you can either push up or down for the lower or upper section of the slats to open up further.

You plantation shutter can be in your own design

When you decide to go for a plantation shutter, you have two choices in how you get one fixed for you. You have the choice of a custom design if you are not sure what is out there in the market for a right fit for your window. With a custom design, you have the makers coming to take the exact dimensions of your window and give a design of exact fit measured accordingly. If you think you can do the DIY mode, why not if you are sure!