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Find a Rocking Chair Just Fit
  for Comfort and Play in Your Home

Find a Rocking Chair Just Fit for Comfort and Play in Your Home

Once you sit on a rocking chair and ease your exhaustion, you would not look at a static chair again. The soft and slow rocking of the chair is nerve relaxing and you would be surprised to know that spending few minutes on a rocking chair brings down the level of depression as well. While you think or sort out a problem in your mind, get seated on a rocking chair and without getting stressed or annoyed, find the solution. The designs and styles of rocking chairs vary greatly. The item comes in many different shapes. You can easily find one piece that perfectly suits your home interior setting and your personal needs. The seat position also differs greatly. It is all about your personal choice and preference when it comes to pick one. Here are some trendy and unique designs in rocking chair which can win your heart:

Rocking Chair Roda by roda available in miliashop : Made of teak wood and metal frame, this rocking chair offers an almost upright sitting position. The smoke finish of metal and wood paint of teak gives this chair a beautiful blend of shades.  You can have this piece of furniture as a long lasting  item in yiur home.

Rocking Chair Gaivota design by Renaud Bonzon from objekto available in bodieandfou: An elegant combination of ergonomics and aesthetics, this chair is not going to be missed by anyone looking for something unprecedented in his home. The comfortable shape f the seat and the back is ideal for someone looking for full comfort while having some fun and play.

Kennedy Rocking Chair by Thrive Home Furnishings  available in : Want to add a modern statement in your living room? This elegant though simple Kennedy Rocking Chair has the right features for your calm home environment. Rockers are big that offer a more delightful rocking. You can place the chair in any place to add  style and fun.

Tufted Rocking Chair with Navy velvet by rockerrefined available in etsy : Soft and comfy, this tufted rocking chair with velvet cover is attractive. The velvety touch of the surface along with the hugging style of the chair makes it a choice of everyone.The curved corners f the seat offer assistance to your head if you fall asleep while rocking.

Frederick Mission Rocking Chair by Belham Living available in hayneedle: This leather cover birch frame rocking chair is sturdy enough to pass the tests of time. You rock freely day and night without worrying about its joints or firm seat. Its rustic corners give it further durability and style.

Sleepytime Rocker by nurseryworks available in target : This sofa-cum rocking chair is just the right chair to sleep while you rock lazily. The sofa like comfort with slight and soft rocking makes this chair an extraordinary piece of furniture at home. It’s well-balanced and allow you full comfort with its finely upholstered back and seat.

Rock Chair Designed by Fredrik Färg from designhousestockholm available in hermosa-design ($415)

This ultra relaxing style of seat and long back is what makes this chair so unique and stylish. The reclined back and long seat enables you to feel the joy of rocking along with full rest. Get this knock-down design and accent your home along with some fun and play.

Plastic Armchair Rocker Base by Eames Molded available in hermanmiller ($441.15)

Here comes a very modern rocking chair made of plastic! Though it is mid-century designed but looks as trendy and  attractive as the modern furniture pieces. With metal frame and maple rockers it is highly durable and you do not fear any crack or breakage.

GT Rocker Chair by gusmodern available in shelterhome ($1,150)

This solid steel rocker frame with powder-coating promises you durability. The upholstered frame is comfy. The rockers are striped from beneath with felt to save the hardwood floor from scratches.

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