Wednesday , 17 July 2024
Spend quality time with your
  loved ones in Family room

Spend quality time with your loved ones in Family room

A family who spends time together to create memories for the lifetime have more bonding and love towards each other in comparison of family where members meet occasionally. In today’s world every one look for privacy and personal time , so there should be a room in the house which is for the entire family.

Now you need to first understand what is a family room, it is a place where family members it together play games, listen to music without any restriction.Now it should be designed and decorated according to liking and preferences of every family member.

Here are some ideas with the help of which you can decorate your family room in a unique and attractive way:

Think Big: When it comes furnishing time of family room always think about big items which are comfortable to sit for hours .Choose sofa made up of soft and comfortable material with large pillows to provide support while sitting.Place rugs under the furniture which are available in the market in various colors and designs.

Add accessories themed family: Display family photographs on the wall or tables or add personalized items designed or crafted by children of the house.Choose photographs taken on the vacations or in the school of the kids to give a look in the room which will keep the bond forever.

Choose a theme for your family room: Choose the theme of the room depending on the hobbies or a common activity of the family members. If your family loves to watch Television, you can place a large screen in the room to watch movies together. If they are fond of music, buy a nice music play, to dance and sing together. Add games and play boards in the room for the kids to play have their fun time in the room.

This is a common room so seek advice from the family member and add it while deciding the theme of the room.Choose light color for the paint on the walls as it will give a bigger look in the room.There should be ample light and air ventilation in the room as the whole family will be sitting there altogether for hours.

You can even decorate the room at your own with the help of the entire family members.This will provide a great opportunity to spend quality time together.

Check internet for ideas and how you can decorate your family room depending on the budget and availability of space inside the room. You can even reuse the old furniture of the house by repairing or re framing it to provide a new look. Put your heart and soul while decorating this room because it will be a  reflection of your family love and bonding.

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