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Contemporary subway tile bathroom

Contemporary subway tile bathroom

Bathroom designs of the subway tiles

The history of the modern bathroom with subway tiles began more than a century ago. Its name – Subway – the tile has the similar shape to the tile that was used in New York Subway. This stuff isn’t square: it’s rectangular and looks like little bricks.

The special structure of the material used in the manufacture of bathroom subway tiles makes it easy to clean the walls decorated with this material. Originally, the subway tiles were white, but contemporary models are different – from solid colors of all shades to tiles with patterns. The amazing popularity of this product is explained by the shape of the tile. Since it is rectangular (6 “x 3”) it is easier to use to make wall decorations.

You can combine traditional square tiles and rectangular subway stuff. For example, the center of the walls is made of square sky blue tiles, and subway tiles decorate the edges of the wall, creating a beautiful stylish finishing of the room. The materials used to make these items vary; from ceramics to porcelain, stones and even glass and mirrors.

When installing subway tiles in the bathroom, you can choose a checkerboard design that combines the most original tile colors. Try yellow and blue, baby and royal blue, orange and purple, marble and granite. White-black combinations when using subway tiles for bathrooms are endless. Depending on the color and structure of the items, you can design a modern or classic, Provence or industrial bathroom. Trust your taste and imagination.

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