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Fantastic Acrylic Bar Stools
  for Your Trendy and Modern Home

Fantastic Acrylic Bar Stools for Your Trendy and Modern Home

This is what new technology has got us for our homes and bars. Looking to have ascended form an alien planet these acrylic bar stools are a revolutionary step to a better home and modern way of living. No fears of going rusty because they are not made of any metal that gets spoiled form humidity. No fear of woodlouse as they are not made of wood.  

No need to paint and no need to polish. These acrylic bar stools are a perfect item in the modern homes. If you look at them from the point of elegance, they are unparalleled; transparent and smooth. They reflect the lights at night and give an entirely different look. Blending with any sort environment is easy for them as they match every color and any background looks great with them.

Choosing acrylic bar stools for their environmental advantages, is also popular because they can be recycled after you do not need them. The modern lifestyle goes for recyclable objects for being them environment friendly and practical. If you have not yet added in your home acrylic bar stools, check the online stores to have a pair of them. They are not expensive and any home owner can afford them easily. You can place them anywhere in your house. In the garden, kitchen, living room or anywhere else you feel they would serve you the best.

The most functional thing about them is that they look fantastic without cushions and covers. Their unique material gives them an edge over the other furniture pieces in a way that you do not need to worry about making covers for them. The design and style variety is ample.

There are stools with back and stools with geometrical designs. The home decor with these stools can be kept simple. Glass vases, plain white lamp shades, plain black and white wall murals and lace curtain look classy with your acrylic bar stools.

For a more comfortable seating option, you can have adjustable stools as well. They keep you at the bet height you like for sitting. Chrome finish pedestal base keep them strongly placed on the ground. And you can revolve also while sitting on them. With these practical features they are beating the other stools options at the furniture stores. You can check at various online stores acrylic bar stools with different deigns and styles.

Be careful while using them because they are super light. If you move all in a sudden while sitting on them they might topple because of your body movement. Use them for sitting calmly for a while when you have a hot cup of coffee or enjoy some cold drinks with someone and discuss current business trends with him.

1- Vapor 30″ acrylic bar stool : This smooth acrylic piece of furniture is a gem for its purity. Without adding any leather or fabric, just pure molten acrylic molded in the shape of a stool with a supporting chrome plated steel frame, it makes an ideal addition in any room of your home. With easy to follow instructions, you can assemble it in no time. With 36” height and seat of comfortable 16”perimeter, this stool needs no polishing or care other than a damp cloth cleaning.

2- Counter Acrylic Bar Stool  : This high quality acrylic bar stool is adjustable and offers extra comfy sitting opportunity with a little back behind. Scratch less chrome base keeps your rooms or kitchen environment classy. Revolving seat with space saving features, this stool has the lowest seat option, too. With extra comfort and excellent seating option, this stool is a cute addition for your home.

3- 2 x Acrylic Adjustable Counter Bar Stool : With moderate weight and practical feature, this 2 x Acrylic Adjustable Counter Bar Stool is a highly affordable for an average home owner. You cannot find a similar option in the same price. With short back and comfy foot rest, the stool is adjustable in its height. Not space occupying and easy to lift and place at any spot. With the ability to bear the weight up to 250 pounds, it is an excellent choice for your home. Height from  22.6″ to 30.6″, seat width 15.5″ and base 16.5″ only.

4- Viva Acrylic Barstool-Clear: If your name starts with “S” then this Viva Acrylic Bar Stool is for you. Its classy design is trendy and features are just right for a modern home.  With a super height of 39″ this stool offers a more functional sitting option. The base is square unlike the common  chrome bases which is another bonus to its style. Lower back and revolving seat is just the right way of keeping mobile at your place.

5- Griff Bar Stool Gas Lift Acrylic : This stool comes in very lively and freshening colors to it than can promise to brighten p your kitchen’s atmosphere. The seat that sits atop your chrome stool is padded to the extent of ultimate comfort and can turn about a whopping 360 degrees. The seat width goes up to 37 cm and the depth comes around 35 cm. You also have a shiny polished footrest along with a rubber floor protector on the bottom of the stool so as when dragged it leaves no marks on your floor surface.

6- Sharp Acrylic Bar Stool – Blue : This unique wave shaped stool will bring you an unforgettable experience of comfort. While the seating might give you a sort of giddy sensation, the footrest brings you stability and reassurance. Topping everything off with the chrome frame, base and footrest you can also easily lift and lower this stool with its smooth and easy mechanism. Don’t forget about the 360 degree swivel you can have fun with.

7- Pure Decor Acrylic Bar Stool : Use this acrylic bar stool to add a touch of elegant beauty to your surroundings. The magnificent 29 inch bar stool has an awesome chrome finish to it that adds to the decent outlook. The square seat is spacious enough with a width of 18 inches. The overall seat height measures up to approximately 40 inch and is very lightweight makign it easy for you to install it anywhere in your home.

8- Adela Acrylic Bar Stool: The Adela Acrylic Bar Stool has a very unique and one of a kind style to it that you possibly will not see on every other bar stool. The tempered glass top on the seat of the stool along with the chrome base produces an exceptional aura that everybody needs in their home. The stool is also rust resistant promising it a long life and long lasting attractive appearance.

9- Angelita Acrylic Bar Stool: This stool has a design and style that is very unique and hard to find in the shops and stores of furniture pieces. Made purely out of steel and acrylic, you are bound to spend a long and happy time with it due to its durable nature. It fits perfectly nearly everywhere thanks to its transparent outlook and fabulous structure. You will have a memorable and amazing experience with this masterpiece of a stool.

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