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How to Reap the Benefits of
  Chi Energy in Your Feng Shui Living Room

How to Reap the Benefits of Chi Energy in Your Feng Shui Living Room

Feng shui means keeping balance in the buildings and cities in order to reap the benefits of energy created by the nature. This energy is present in the environment and is good for the human as well as the buildings. To make a feng shui living room in your home, choose a room that has two walls facing the open outside world.

A room that is in the middle of the house with no wall facing the open air nature is not suitable. What actually happens in the living room is simple to understand. The chi energy enters from the walls into the room and circulates in the living room. In order to let the fresh energy enter the living room, the living room is not stalked with furniture next to the outer wall. The furniture placement stops the energy from circulating and it becomes stagnant in its place which is rather harmful.

Once you fix a room that is falling in the criteria of Chinese medicine rules, ensure to furnish it appropriately and reap all the benefits mentioned in Chinese tradition. They say that it effects positively on the moods of the living room occupants and pertaining to the fact that a living room is the most used room in a family; all the family members receive the positive results of chi energy when they spend their time in feng shui living room.

This energy keeps the people energetic and lively. Keep the couch and sofa against the walls that are not facing the outside area. All the furniture pieces including sofas, arm chairs, ottoman and stools keep them in a formation of circle. This way the chi energy circulates the room easily and feeds all the occupants with its powers.

The sharp arrow like endings of your L shaped sofa is harmful for the chi energy, Place a plant at the end of the L shaped sofa and it will help the chi energy to keep circulating. North location is linked to water. Keep an aquarium to the north side of your living room or make a decorative fountain flowing towards the center of the room and not towards the door. South location is linked to fire. Make a fire place in the south or place a candle chandelier there.

East location is linked to wood. Hanging a picture framed with pure wood, placing a wooden lamp or a plant is good. West location is linked to metal. Choosing metal furniture pieces, metal framed pictures or metal lamp is a positive way to help chi energy.  This is in brief how you can set a feng shui living room perfectly to give away positive effects to you and your family. How, much you succeed in making your living room lively with strong waves of chi energy depends on how you arrange the furniture and decoration there!

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