Saturday , 18 May 2024
Shaker Kitchens Remodeling
  Easy Tips

Shaker Kitchens Remodeling Easy Tips

When you want to take away the blank look of your kitchen cabinets, transform them into shaker cabinets. It is all fun and an exhibition of skill and craft. The amazing thing about shaker kitchen cabinets is that you can do them yourself.

Yes, it needs some effort and good imagination but it is not impossible. Shaker kitchens look classy and chic. Remodeling your kitchen to a design that has dual features and benefits adds brightness and width to your furnishing and setting. And shaker is one of those remodeling ideas!

The paint option is often white but if you want to go with some cream or dull pink. It will add some greater effects in the environment. Check the images below and see how some different shaker kitchens are designed. Keep the cabinets and the island both white when it comes to the paint options and if you are going for a few light shades of pink in the cabinets or pantry, add another piece of furniture also in the same shade.

Shaker kitchens depict cleanliness and shine of novelty. With the specific structure of its cabinets, your kitchen remains special in its style. You can change the cabinets of your ordinary kitchen and that is the only biggest change that needs a chunk of your budget.  But do not remove the old cabinets if they are pure solid wood structure; instead add a plywood rim on all the four sides of the doors. Then, paint them white or pink. Rest of the kitchen setting becomes easy, now!

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