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Landscaping with rocks: What to consider?

Landscaping with rocks: What to consider?

A certain appeal can be easily added to your landscape if you decide to carry out landscaping with rocks. Rocks, boulders and stones have therefore being used in professional landscaping for a very long time. A lot of individual add these features by their selves, since it is not very difficult to fix.

You however need to consider some factors when you want to carry out landscaping with rocks. You need to ensure that they are placed properly and that the perfectly enhance the design of the landscape. Some of the things you should consider are discussed below.

Rock Sizes

The rock size has the ability to determine the final look of your landscape. The size could either make your landscape look better or look worse. The best way to achieve a better look is to investigate if a smaller rock or a boulder will be the best addition. An expert can help you out with this choice, It is also important that the rock does not block the view of any part of your landscape, especially the focal points.


How deeply buried the rock is buried is also a factor. Depending on how big the rock is, it is generally advisable that you slightly bury the rock. You should also not just place the rock, without burying it at all, as this will give it an artificial look. The artificial look could ruin the natural and beautiful look of your garden.

You will need to make the rock look as if it was naturally a part of the garden, if you intend to achieve the best result. The placement should be properly chosen as well as you might be causing more harm than good if you place the rock carelessly.


It is very important that the protrusion and size of the rocks blends perfect with the design of your garden. Your major aim of landscaping with rocks is because you want to get that perfect garden you desire. It is therefore important that after placing your rock, your garden looks exactly the way you want it to look.

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