Saturday , 18 May 2024


Decorating boy’s bedroom is more often the same as decorating any other room in your home. The key things to keep in mind are functionality and space. You can also keep in mind colors and the kind of environment you would like to create for your boy’s bedroom. Most children use their bedrooms for play, reading and sleep, so here are a few ideas on how to make these three work well together.

Create Space: Some boy’s bedrooms are small, given that the house was designed with smaller rooms. Thus, avoiding clutter will ensure that there is at least some space for activities such as playing board games. You can create space by having shelves installed for storage or by having a wardrobe installed which can store most of the child’s stuff.

Use Colors Other Than Blue: Blue is a staple in most boys stuff. This is however not the only color you can use. Try other neutral colors such as white, beige, teal and taupe. You can use the color wheel and check which other colors match with this and use them to decorate the walls, furniture and beddings of the boys’ bedroom.

Bring out their Personality: You can use some of the stuff that truly brings out the boy’s personality. If he is someone who loves planes, you can add accessories of this type to his room, while if he is more of a nature person, you can add some carved animals or wall papers that depict nature.

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