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Some Types Of Bathroom Floor

Some Types Of Bathroom Floor Tiles

The bathroom is perhaps the most visited places in our home, but we do not give it a lot of attention. After our bathroom is built we do not give the bathroom floor much mind, but the truth is that if the bathroom floor is not good then your bathroom will also not look beautiful.

When you are building or refurbishing your bathroom, then the floor tiles should be durable and reliable because they need to last long, not fade and keep your bathroom together. They should be easy to clean, maintain and should be water resistant because it will have to endure a lot of water, so it is important that it does not erode. Tiles are available in many different materials, colors, design and sizes which can easily make your bathroom look elegant, materials used for making bathroom floor tiles include wood,glass,stone and ceramics.

Wooden flooring is not common, but it cannot be ignored. It is not often used in bathrooms, but slowly and gradually it is becoming one of the most popular bathroom floor tiles. One should not think that just because it is made of wood, then it must be of low quality, this is not the case in fact wooden flooring made from bamboo is one of the most durable and reliable, especially in areas where moisture is high, it is an affordable product which can last long and survive for a very long time.

Other than wooden flooring another material used for this purpose is glass. Previously glass was only used for back splashes, but now people have started using it as flooring as well. It is not as popular as ceramics, but does the job as good.

The best thing about glass is that it is so common that buying it is not a problem and is available at a very low price, even at such low prices glass offers high quality and is water and stain resistant. It can be purchased in many colors, shapes and sizes which will really change the look of your bathroom.

Out of al the materials, stone is the on which looks the most beautiful, it gives the bathroom a sense of uniqueness and changes the look of the bathroom completely. Most commonly used stone for bathroom floor tiles are marble, granite and slate. Although it looks beautiful in the bathroom stone is perhaps the most expensive material used for bathroom floor tiles.

The most widely used material for bathroom flooring is ceramic, it is durable, reliable and very cheap. It is the most cost effective way to decorate the bathroom floor as it is available in many different sizes, colors, designs and most importantly it is easy to cut which adds a sense of customizatoin.

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