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Turn Your Simple Bathroom Into
  a Modern : ideas of bathroom decor

Turn Your Simple Bathroom Into a Modern : ideas of bathroom decor

The old bathroom, which is not up to the mark in terms of facilities, needs renovation. Renovation doesn’t mean reconstruction. It only means to add some facility and comfort to your old bathroom. The renovation is the modernization of your old and simple bathroom.

The bad bathroom can spoil your mood at the very early phase of the morning. So, the bathroom should be designed in the manner which give relax to your body. So, don’t waste the time and wake up to remodel your bathroom.

Everyone feels fresh after having a bath. But if you are bathing in a stinking bathroom, you will definitely feel that it is better not to take a bath. The bath is the body freshener task. The bathroom has its own requirements to make it complete.Remodel an existing bathroom is quite tough thing; you have to consider many things. Bathroom remodeling itself is an expensive work; it demands proper guidance and knowledge of experts. If you are thinking to remodel your bathroom, you should consider the following points:

Fancy shower: If your old bathroom is holding a traditional shower, then tend to put a fancy one. Designer hand shower provides not only a comfortable bath, but also a modern look. You can also choose hand shower, this is now in vogue.

Modern sinks: Sink come in many designs and varieties. With stylish look select a sink that is durable and easy to use. If you have children in the house, build a sink in the slightly low area.

Designer walls: A wall attracts the most in the bathroom. Perhaps your old bathroom has left its paint; choose a trendy color or designer tiles for it. Most of people like to spread oil paint onthe bathroom walls. Now, light color in bathroom is quite famous.

Attractive floor: Bathroom flooring is important part where you go for bathroom remodeling. Build light color tiles matching to walls paints or décor. Add the durability factor to your floor by going with good quality.

Lighting: There are many designer lights that will definitely spiff up the look of your existing bathroom. The blue color light in bathrooms is in trend.

Bathtub: Without bathtub, a bathroom never completes. Choose a bathtub completely according to your facility. Now there are many shapes and designs are available for bathtubs.

Consider the budget: If cost is a concern, there are many designs that can easily fit your pocket. That will spruce up your bathroom decor without breaking the banks.

Exhaust fan: In the modern bathroom, there should be a small exhaust fan that keeps the bathroom dry. Otherwise the moisture will make your bathroom sticky and stinky.