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Wooden Clothes Rack And Different Types Of Wood Used To Make It

Wooden Clothes Rack And Different Types Of Wood Used To Make It

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Clothes racks made of wood can become a functional and noble element for you. Although they can get damp or cold, they are less likely to be placed indoors, which means they can be used indoors to greet your family and visitors. Some time ago wooden shelves were a luxury, today they are cheap and available to everyone. You can find wooden shelves in many different designs, e.g. modern, super smooth and decaying antique. There are also many options to think about, such as what material the rack is made of or any add-ons. Finding the ultimate rack can be quite a journey if you don’t have the right knowledge.

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The shelves can be divided into different types. A small wall shelf, depicted as a series of pegs mounted on a wooden board, takes up little space, while each of its pegs can hold one or more layers.

The large wall hanging stand features a ledge above the standard peg line. The board offers space for headgear, gloves, wallet, etc. Just like its smaller counter, it is perfect when space is tight. Freestanding is probably the most classic clothes rack. A tall post with hooks on top and a circular unit as an option for putting up umbrellas doesn’t take up much space and is usually seen in offices and the like. The clothes rack with shoe rack is a classic with a square on its bed for shoes. The freestanding dresser stand is a larger unit of furniture that usually has a mid-height plank. The upper section where the coat hooks are located can also provide a mirror. The entire unit is intended to be placed against a wall so that a wall is required without anything else.

Wall-mounted clothes rack

The hall stand with seat is the largest and at the same time the most functional type. The seat usually has some storage space below; a mirror can also be present. A larger unit can take up a lot of space and is therefore best suited for a larger hall.
The shelf wood itself must also be taken into account. It is advisable to choose the most attractive, yet well-growing, old wood. Oak is a common choice for wooden shelving, which is also easy to work with and stain resistant. It’s not that difficult to tailor it to your own taste. It is firm and can hang heavy items of clothing.

Clothes rack for ceiling mounting

Ash is seductive and has a lighter shade. It’s pliable and flexes under heavy loads, but won’t break. Fastening is effortless when glued, hammered or screwed. Mahogany costs you and is usually seen in great antique pieces. It is very durable and thick and can be used almost everywhere. Pine is a slightly cheaper but still expensive variant and its advantages are less difficult carving and finish-friendly nature. Beech can become supple when steamed, which can help shape.

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