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Getting into the art of Contemporary House Design

good modern contemporary house designs philippines QBSXOQM

In the contemporary times, houses are designed to give satisfaction to the homeowners. Adjustments and modification are often in this respect to bringing out the style of choice. Architects and designers are creative and are making beautiful designs in houses much frequently. The different types of houses before and now: In …

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A Container House Design will Cost you less

shipping container house design ideas FBHPICS

Shelter is primary and indeed a basic need of life. We just have to get a place to rest our heads at the cool of the night. Just as there are many house design styles out there, innovations abound as well. The conversion of a container into a house is …

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Gains of embracing log home plans

log home plans carson - plans u0026 information EVPIXZR

There are several home plans that a person can opt for. The log home plan enables one to reconnect with the nature because the materials used have been acquired from the surrounding environment. Even though some people look down upon this plan, it is important for them to be aware …

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Setting out your Beach House Designs to fit your Style

beach house designs collect this idea blue dog beach house by aboda design group TKEDINM

Beach houses are so called for the design style which is location-specific based. The ocean area is typical example of such locations though not that limited to water bodies. Beach House Design: Beach house designs are known to have raised foundation above the normal ground level to meet its design purpose …

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Attributes of a good exterior design

exterior design 50 stunning modern home exterior designs that have awesome SEREZPE

The world we are living in has a wide range of diversity in almost all areas. The phase of exterior design has not been left out in these aspects of diversity but rather it seems to be one of the areas with a wide range of options for consumers. The …

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The procedure of choosing exterior house colors

exterior house colours bungalow home - suggested colour scheme 1 PCTUVCA

The last step of every construction activity that an individual will be expected to undertake is to paint their house. It is therefore important for such people to make sure that the right decision is made in response to this activity. This implies that the most appropriate colors have to …

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Pep up your House for Exterior House Painting

exterior house painting RDIDSXL

Would you not like to give your house a coat of paint and improve its aesthetic appeal?  Exterior house painting should be done at the right time when the weather is dry and there is less humidity in the atmosphere. Paint requires time to dry and if the weather is …

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