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Wall Shelves Are the Signature
  of Your Style-also fulfill your purpose

Wall Shelves Are the Signature of Your Style-also fulfill your purpose

Wall shelves are not only for the style but they are the space in a room where you can store many things. In latest modern culture you will not get enough space for shelves and for that you have to make it of your own according to the space of your house. This is the place where you can decorate your showy things and at the same time it has its own value. There is something in every house which is required to keep near at hand and for that purpose you are required a place, this is the perfect place to keep the things. You can use lots of styles matching with your rest of the furniture. If you are making it you can do it according to the required size means the exact length which can match to any space in your room.

While going to the office or any other place where every minutes count at that time you don’t have time to search things like your scarf, clothing, or shoes, if you know the exact place hardly it will take time to grab the things at busy hours instead you can spend some few extra time at sleeping. To get the benefit of all these facilities wall shelves are the best choice because in wall shelves the floor space remains as it is and you can fulfill your purpose too.

You are required wall shelves for your clothing, for your shoes, wardrobe series for your books.  You are also required storage boxes and baskets etc. When you make wall shelves the shelf becomes one with the wall due to the concealed mounting hardware. You can give a beautiful look to your wall shelves by giving bright gorgeous matching colors with your room and with your furniture.

1-Wooden Wall Shelf-Display Rack : Wooden Wall Shelf-Display Rack has become very famous. You can get it in different types like different shelves oriented. These wooden wall display shelves are available in contemporary or functional style. This is a common type of display shelving and is used at home and in office purpose also. These are available in different colors.  You can get it at low cost also, which suits your budget and pocket too.

2- Set Of 3 Mango Wood Wall Shelves: You can decorate your walls with the set of 3 mango wood wall shelves. While you set this you can save your floor space. It is best suitable in your living room to display your decorative pieces. You can use it in the kitchen and dining areas so that you can store your utility things ready at hand. For storing your stationary or for storing your Knicks and knacks you can use it at your entryway.

Nesting Wall Shelves 3 Pack : 
This nesting wall shelves of 3 packs or ‘U’ shelves are basically used for space utilization properly. This nesting shelf is perfect for displaying your books, CDs, photos, toys and awards. You can hang it on your walls in a vertical way either up or down position. You are the best judge to place these shelves according to your choice means you can put it where you want to put. It is easy to move and east to install, the ideal for your living space. The specialty is that no visible connectors or hanging hardware is seen. There are 3 pieces in these nesting wall shelves, so you can use it according to your choice.

4- Summer Dream Square Leather Wall Shelves : This summer dream square leather wall shelves are available in 3 pieces. When you place these shelves at your home you will add a handsome wall decoration. You can create stunning storage with a solution of saving space. You can display your decorative items here like souvenirs, photos, CDs, awards and books. This is available in top faux leather covering with a contrast stitching over a sturdy wooden frame. For cleaning only dry wiping will do.

5- Ikea Lack floating wall shelves : This Ikea Lack floating wall shelves are found in complete with wall brackets. This is the most simple way to storage your things. Moreover this is affordable too. You can create your storage without using your costly space and at the same time you can show off your favorite things. This Lack floating wall shelves are available in 3 pieces and in 3 sizes also. You can get variety of colors in this. You can get glossy finish, wooden finish and in many more varieties.

6- 3 Piece Cubby Wall Shelves : You can create a modern display by this 3 piece cubby wall shelf. This is available in 3 piece set in graduated sizes. This is made of wood construction. You can get in 3 different sizes. It is made of wall-moulding hardware. Normally you can get it in 3 piece set and in finish options. It seems that it cannot hold weight but it is not so, it can hold a bit weighty things.

7- Via Veneto Open Wall Shelf : Hallmarked as Falper, this Vento open wall shelf is of Italian origin. It adds beauty to any bathroom and provides space for placing every needs of the bathroom. It comes with a washbasin, drawers and shelves along with it. It has a special feature of no noise drawers. There will be no rattling sound of the utensils and other things when the people open the drawers. It is made of timber and has a color of oak and white and has a dull finish.

8- Interlocking Decorative Rectangle Wall Shelf : Excellent idea for beautifying a living room because it accommodates a lot of decorative items to be placed in it. It has a large rectangular wooden shelf which is further beautified and supported by another four small rectangular wooden shelf in its four directions. One can mount it on the wall and place TV the most valuable adornment in the center or computer and other additional showpiece in all other small wall shelves.

9- Handmade Long One Level Coat Rack Wall Shelf : This wooden shelf as the name indicates is a handmade shelf with a display area and hooks for hanging any dress. Unlike other shelves which are ready made, these shelves are made upon order according to the customers taste and choice of materials and color. It is a very long shelf and any number of display items can fit onto the top of it.

10- Shape Shifter Wall Shelf : It is a metal shelf which can be made into any shapes with some magic of the hands! It can hold any material up to 30 lbs and has a novel idea of being transformed into any shape with the work of some imagination. These hinged metal sheets can be mounted with the help of some hanging hardware. Anything from an awesome flower pot to books from interesting books to family photos can find a place on this wall shelf.