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Contemporary apartment size sofas

Contemporary apartment size sofas

Apartment-size sofas with chaise longue
Modern apartment-size sofas are compact pieces of furniture for studios and small rooms. Its size saves the homeowner space when the sofa is folded or opened, and unfolds to turn it into a great place to sleep.

These units are mostly chosen for homes with no separate bedroom or one bedroom. They can also be guest beds. The sliding and folding sofa is a leader in sales because it combines the function of a “sofa” and a “headboard”. It is the best option for small rooms. If you use it as a seat or for guests, you will rarely unfold it. If you also buy it as a bed, choose the model with a spacious storage space in it.

This is where you will keep your blankets, pillows and sheets. Unfolding this article is easy: just roll or pull the seat forward and return it to a horizontal position. The roll-out mechanism of an apartment-size sofa is ideal for everyday use. When assembled, the sofa looks compact. When unfolded, it becomes a spacious sleeping area for several people. Some apartment-size sofa designs call for the use of a pull strap.

You should pick up the strap and slide the secret compartment forward. When folded, the two parts of the sofa are at the same height. So that you can get a peaceful, healthy sleep on a flat surface. This mechanism is often used as a corner sofa: we recommend it to anyone looking to save space or divide the area into zones. Materials of the sofa upholstery are traditional and modern.

Sofas in apartment size