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Easy Ways to Build a Pool Deck

Easy Ways to Build a Pool Deck

Today the above ground pools are gaining in popularity. You can see more and more people setting up pools in their backyards. They are easy to install, cost effective and do not require much maintenance. To get the maximum enjoyment out of the swimming pool you need to have a comfortable wooden deck where you can relax after a bath and also have lunch or dinner.

Ways to Setup a Comfortable Pool Deck: Setting up a deck pool is not easy so visiting the different companies that provide the deck material helped in finding plans, in setting a pool deck without too much trouble and expense.  The plan involved setting up a pool deck with minimum labour. The pool that was built was 21 feet in diameter and around it the deck that was to be built was of lumber that was pressure treated.

Around the pool is built the pool deck which is a wraparound of 360* which leads to a sundeck of 180 feet. Around the pool is a circular pool deck which 3 ½ feet in width. The sundeck can hold table and chairs where family can sit for their dinner and can also place loungers where they can relax.

How to build a concrete Pool Deck:  A concrete pool deck is a better option as it does not require much maintenance. The next step is to check the amount of concrete that will be needed to build the pool deck. Check the area of the pool deck and the thickness that you need for your pool deck which should be about 4 – 5 inches. Then set the frame around the pool and pour the concrete. A sun umbrella can be installed which will provide protection from UV rays.

Benefits of a Concrete Pool Deck: Concrete is the best material for a pool deck as it is economical and does not require much maintenance. Concrete can be textured, stained, coloured, painted and patterned for aesthetic appeal. It is also a long lasting surface and environment friendly as there is no pollution using concrete.

It is advisable to check on the many benefits of concrete swimming pool before setting up one that is ideal for you.