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High Time to Illuminate Your
  Bathroom with Proper Bathroom Lights

High Time to Illuminate Your Bathroom with Proper Bathroom Lights

Your bathroom is the only place where you are allowed to have your full privacy and lock yourself there for a time being. Why not to make your bathroom a place of utmost relaxation with a touch of luxury? Here are a few ideas about the proper lighting that can illuminate your bathroom exuberantly. The experts maintain that four types of lights needed for your bathroom are accent, task, sparkle and ambient.

Accent Lighting
If you are an art fan, you must have some accent lights in your bathroom. A few art pieces that are hanging in your bathroom need a light that focuses illumination on it. Whether it is a sculpted piece of art or an oil painting, or even a bouquet of flowers you get a light that is only for one piece and illuminate it while you gaze at it relaxed in your warm bath tub. The mental and physical relaxation gets combined together to make it an utmost comfortable experience.

Task Lighting
These lights are the most important in the bathroom lights. These are for your certain tasks there like shaving, grooming yourself and applying makeup. Only properly hanged or fixed task light can help you do your task accurately. The best height for the task lights is your eyebrow level. Get a pair of sconces and mount them on the both sides of your mirror at your eye level. This helps you have a shadow-less lighting to see your image perfectly bright in the mirror which is ideal for shaving or applying makeup.
Tip: Avoid fixing task lights above the mirror. You are in no mood of seeing you 10 years older because the light falling on your face from above your forehead will cast long shadow under your eyes, nose cheek bones and neck. Keep your image pleasant to maintain a joyful heart.

Sparkle Lighting
These lights are amazing as they add visual sparkle in the environment of your bathroom. These need not be fixed more than one or two in a single bathroom. For example, a square shaped bathroom is sufficiently lit with one pendant light.

Ambient Lighting
These lights do the job of filling big bathroom space with light. Where the bathroom has tall ceiling ambient lights can be fixed along the space perimeter. These bathroom lights compliment the environment and keep it lively while you stay there for a few minutes alone.

As functional task lighting you can use sconces on big size mirrors fixed at the sink vanities. Dimmers are greatly used for the tub area to create romance and relaxation. Sconces on the walls offer more decorative and ambient lights. Mirrors fixed over the tub and vanity, reflect the many layers of bathroom lights and remain a source of best effect.

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