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Space saving corner bathroom sink

Space saving corner bathroom sink

Corner sink with vanity unit

Ergonomic corner washbasin solves the problem of a small space. The main advantage that a corner sink has for the bathroom is the optimization of the floor space. A very popular type of such a unit is the pedestal sink. Placed in the corner, his “leg” hides the water pipes, plumbing and plumbing work. Hanging or floating corner sinks are the best for saving space.

You have access to the sink and there is an empty space underneath. Some homeowners even install washing machines under floating corner sinks. Built-in sinks are built into the worktop suspension. This model has only one minus – it takes up a little more space than a pedestal or floating sink. But this disadvantage becomes the biggest plus when you store various detergents, cleaners in the bathroom, sanitary ware. Then all these units are simply placed under the sink in the storage space below. In general, corner bathroom sinks are not that different from similar products that are installed on the wall. Their main difference is their shape.

In all other aspects, including materials, they are the same. Sinks made of porcelain, glass, stone, stainless steel and the most popular – ceramic sinks selected by material are simply used in different interiors. Meanwhile, you will never install a metal unit in a classic bathroom, ceramic and porcelain go well with all styles. Artificial stone sinks are the most durable. Depending on the design, they will fit in most interiors.

Space-saving corner washbasin

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