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Black and White Rugs for Your
  Sober Yet Classy Environment

Black and White Rugs for Your Sober Yet Classy Environment

People often focus too much on furniture when it comes to designing their places and totally forget about other accessories that complete the whole picture. Rugs are one of the most important accessories to bring your place back to life. A black and white rug is becoming popular nowadays. Where should I place the rug? What size should I choose? Which pattern should I use? These are all questions that we are about to answer only for you. Now let`s take a look on what we have here.

Location and Size
We mentioned both features together as they are dependent on each other as we are going to show you. The number one rule (and the most important one) that actually sums up everything is proportionality. A 3*3 meter room doesn`t need a 2*2 meter rug, it would just be easier then to cover the whole floor with vinyl or any other material. Make sure not to choose a rug that is either too large or too small for the place.

While choosing a black and white rug (or any rug with patterns in general) you need to keep into consideration two important factors: the design of the furniture where the rug is going to be placed under and the size of the rug. A rug has to be matching with the furniture that you choose. But avoid by all means choosing a rug with the same exact pattern or color as the furniture. This is a fatal décor disaster according to worldwide standards.

Choose a rug with a different color tone or with the same color but different patterns than those of the furniture. Also, try to choose a size that actually shows the pattern. We all know it is the manufacturer`s job to adjust the proportions, but you need to make a double check.
There are a lot of black and white rug patterns. There are Stripes, hexagonal shaped ones and diamond shaped one. Actually, the designs are unlimited when it comes to patterns itself. Search for the one that fits your taste and that goes along with the furniture.

Never ever, try to throw the rug into a washing machine. Call professionals and let them do their work. You can remove stains using specialized detergents for rugs fabrics, but please when it comes to a heavy duty wash, try to stay out of it. It will decrease the rug`s lifetime.

All in all, we hope that we kind of helped you out and narrowed your choices when it comes to choosing a black and white rug. They give final touches to a place that may seem too empty without them. Just don`t go with the flow or the most trending style randomly. Make sure that it suits the rest of the elements in order to ensure harmony and reflect luxury.

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