How to choose bathroom window curtains

How to choose bathroom window curtains

Bathroom window curtains designs

The choice of window curtains in the bathroom is one of the finishing touches when decorating this area. There is always a stylish accent in the interior, emphasizing the main feature of this room – the presence of the window. Regardless of shape and size, it becomes the focal point of the room.

Even a small room with a tiny window has a special charm. The bathroom is a room with a special microclimate: it always has a high level of humidity. Therefore, when choosing curtains for bathroom windows, consider the following: the presence (or absence) of another building opposite the window, degree of insulation, performance of the ventilation system, window size.

Materials that are used for curtains for a bathroom window are textile, tulle, plastic, vinyl. You can choose roller blinds, Roman, French, Austrian window treatments, blinds, textile curtains. Fabric and lace curtains should only be used if you have adequate ventilation in the room. In damp conditions, the fabric is always wet, it loses its aesthetics. Sometimes fungus or mold can grow in the folds of your curtains.

Vinyl is a much more practical material for bathroom window curtains. This material is not afraid of water, it is easy to care for. If the front of the house is too close to other private property, choose blinds – vertical and horizontal models work well. They help create an atmosphere of privacy. At the same time, the bathroom is not dimmed, and you are not allowed to turn on the lights in this room during the day.

bathroom window curtains

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