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Arranging sunroom additions: bring outside inside

Arranging sunroom additions: bring outside inside

Estimates for the winter garden
Large clear glass conservatories are also known as tanning beds, Florida rooms, and tanning salons. These beautiful constructions make it possible to “invite” nature inside. The extra large winter garden is a perfect winter garden: you will place all the plants and flowers there that you love so much but could not grow outside due to the weather.

Today a winter garden addition is the eternal summer dreams from our childhood that are now a reality. After all, this time of year is associated with joy, warmth, the rustling of leaves overhead and the scent of flowers. When you stay in a Florida room, you will always feel the warmth of the sun, even when the outside temperature is cool.

These solariums are always part of residential buildings. They can perform additional functions: build a swimming pool, a relaxation room, a terrace there. Man always wants to tame nature. In contrast to the climate, he tries to grow plants, sunbathe, swim in warm water. Modern conservatory additions help make these dreams come true.

Florida Room can transform a boring house into a real natural palace. Plants freshen the air and transform this space into a corner of eternal summer. This room can be used as a patio cover to become a separate room for rest and relaxation. For this you need to buy comfortable furniture: sofas, benches, stools, armchairs. The table is a must: it will be delightful to have tea or to rest amid the plants and flowers that grow outside and inside.

Conservatory extensions

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