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Here Are Some Inspiration For
  Designing Your Own Patio Bar

Here Are Some Inspiration For Designing Your Own Patio Bar

If you are planning to convert your patio into an elegant bar with a chic appealing look or want to have a nice and peaceful time in the evening, you need to always begin with an idea. The internet is bursting with tons of inspirations for making your own patio bar exactly the way you like. You can get it a rustic and village look or a modern setting. It all depends entirely on your designer or on your own judgement, in case you choose to take matters into your own hands.

Looks: An outdoor kitchen can be complemented with a pergola, which becomes an obvious choice anyways. At times, you can also keep it open with a roof or shade at a distance. It looks good to have a stone paved patio with a walnut tree, for instance, with a bar deside it. You can also have hanging lamps to give you a nice feel in the soothing breeze. In case you have a pool beside it, it adds a little bit of chic and can have a speakeasy atmosphere. This is suitable for evening parties with a few of your friends.

Formats: Outdoor patio bar are good if they come with custom wooden decking, wooden chair and table with a pergola. This has to be compensated with an outdoor or indoor kitchen or a cook station. A fireplace can also be seated beside your bar, but only for namesake. You can do a little bit of pavement design by placing oversized patios that interspersed with the ground.

This can have plants or even a growing tree in between. The ambience is all about to change when you rethink the placement of your furniture and kitchen. A poolside can easily be converted into a Mediterranean type of ambience with wicker sofa and cushions that complement the surrounding greenery. There can be a kitchen with an extended roof that acts as a shade, although of not much use in the evening, but plays a good role in the morning.

In the recent times, as you can also make out from the pictures below, outdoor cook stations are in a trend for patio bar. A little shade and a well built pergola is often recommended. There are other things that are considered seriously like a barbecue station, sink and refrigerator, and the natural stone patio fulfills the design idea completely. There are lot of ideas for furnitures that primarily include various types of bar chairs which are usually made of wooden composites. These can also be made of aluminium or metal structures. Dark brown, usually goes well, but satin white or off-white can also be preferred, at times.

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