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Benefits of a platform bed

Platform bed extra long twin
Modern platform bed has become popular due to its stylish and modern look. Such a bed has a frame with four legs and a solid base – the foundation for the mattress. These beds come in a variety of sizes, but their standard height is typically 18-22 inches. Since the mattress has strong support from the bed platform, you do not need a spring block.

Usually platform beds are made of wood, but the other materials such as metal and leather are also used. Beds with a low frame are set up close to the floor, which makes them clear and compact. Basically, platform beds have simple lines and a minimalist look. They can be combined with traditional and modern design of the room. The bed platform eliminates the need for vertical panels for the legs and headboard.

It works great in small spaces and creates the illusion of a larger room. Many units have drawers and storage compartments, which also expands their functionality. These items provide additional storage space benefits and help clean up the clutter in your dorm. Such beds with storage space are ideal for children and teenagers: you can store toys, books and bed linen in them.

The durable surface of each bed on the platform provides better support for your spine than a spring mattress. This design is very comfortable and made exactly for the better rest of your back. Since the devices are equipped with sturdy frames, they can withstand a lot of weight. They can also handle very heavy people without any problems: the beds don’t even creak.

platform bed

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