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Finding Lovely Ways to Make
  Your Country Kitchen Stylish and Practical

Finding Lovely Ways to Make Your Country Kitchen Stylish and Practical

Setting your country kitchen according to the ease of your work, visual appeal and prevailing trends is not an easy job. You get stuck at many points as you find the setting not complimenting your kitchen or the colors not blending well. These are the matters of your kitchen’s look but what about the practical concept of your kitchen? How easy it is to work in the kitchen while you do not face difficulty in moving around? For making your work equally easy and moving also unhindered you have to see what the most practical areas of your kitchen are.

Practical Spots of Your Kitchen
You work in your kitchen by keeping mobile in four spots. The sink, where you do the washing of dishes, fruits and vegetables; the cooking range where you do all the frying and cooking and your refrigerator where your cooking supplies are stored and your table or counter where you cut and arrange the vegetables, meat and spices. In your country kitchen keeping these four spots comfortably close yet leaving good space for moving in between needs a little mathematics.

The space that you leave for your moving around must not be less than 4 feet and not more than 9 feet. Measure the ground while you place your furniture and it is best that you do it before buying your center table/counter so that you keep its size suitable for the space that you have in your kitchen. The designs and colors of your entire furnishing of the kitchen can be set after you comfortably fix the issue of practicality of your kitchen.

Making Selection
If your country kitchen is big and has more than one window to add bright day light in the interior, you can go for dark color painted cabinets, furniture etc. Even the wall paint can also be chosen rich and dark but if your kitchen is smaller in size and you have there only one window, it is strongly recommended that you go for the light colors in everything. This can add more space to your kitchen’s appearance and make you feel cool while you work there.

Lighting in Your Country Kitchen
Do not choose modern lighting fixtures for your country kitchen but go for those designs and items that suit the country trends. Often pendant lights and hanging lamps add more to your country kitchen’s beauty.

Other Decoration Ideas
Placing vases and statutes of elegant designs is one of the best ways to make your country kitchen more beautiful. The environment when kept ideally aesthetic, you love to spend your time there; especially when there are long hours’ job every day for preparing food and cleaning the mess after. Despite the fact that decorating your kitchen is not easy, you can find many practical ideas to put in practice once you start working on this job!

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