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Using Moroccan Rugs In The

Using Moroccan Rugs In The House

Morocco is a North African country that resides in the far northwest of the continent, it has a beautiful culture and a great artistic history. Everyone who visits this country comes home with many souvenirs, and the most used ones are the Moroccan rugs. These rugs are a traditional handmade piece of art, as people there create them mainly for selling them to visitors of their country. The industry is very flourishing and it attracts art lover from all over the world, some exporters take these rugs and distribute it all over the world in handmade selling shops.

Sizes And Designs: Moroccan rugs come in various sizes, from the small hand palm one to large floor covering ones. The main theme of these rugs is the design, as it is very colorful and utilizes many colors in artistic shapes. Many of these designs are asymmetric, which give the rugs a unique look other than the regular manufactured ones. The design is also compatible with size, the larger the size is; the more beautiful the design appears. As the larger the size is, it gives the weaver more space to work in and create better designs.

Usage And Utilization: In order to use Moroccan rugs right, they are better used as a decoration not as real rugs. The main use of them is determined by its size, as each one of them has its own unique usage. The smallest size comes like a hand palm, which its main use is being hanged on the wall in groups; whether plain or framed. The larger the size gets, the different usage it gets. Some normal mat-size rugs are used as a single unique item on the wall, and it really looks great up there. When we reach to the massive size of the floor rug, we find it harder to utilize, but it also can be used as a large authentic artistic item on a large wall; preferably in a large hall.

Materials:Moroccan rugs are usually made of hand created threads, they do not look so good manufactured; but this is what gives the rugs its unique look. You may find small nods in the threads, and that comes from the ancient thread-joining process that they use there. Manufacturers also use cotton and wool as primary materials to create the rugs, which gives them a rough texture that is so unique and attractive. When it comes to coloring, they also use natural colors for dying the rugs. These colors are extracted from natural products, or at least made using them. The rugs are all 100% natural made, and they form a great portion of the national tourism income in Morocco.

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