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Bunk Beds with Desks are the
  Best Option for Your Kids

Bunk Beds with Desks are the Best Option for Your Kids

There are lot of options when it comes to furnishing your kid`s room. Combined units that save space at your place are becoming popular nowadays. So, how should I choose my kid`s room furniture? What are the things that I should keep in mind while choosing? A bunk beds with desk and storage is one of the most effective space saving (and interesting) solutions. Let`s take a closer look!

The Main Elements
A childrens bunk beds with desk obviously consists of a bed and a desk. Well, that is its simplest form; it can consist of two beds that are distributed on two levels (usually perpendicular on each other) and a desk in one of the sides. Moreover, some designers add extra drawers or a small hanging storage place for clothes. Others may decide to have a single bed and use the whole lower level as a study place with built-in seats and a small table. Last but not least, some people prefer simplicity; which is illustrated in a single desk on the first level and a bed on the upper one.

The Location
Well, all need to agree that a cool kids bunk bed with desk takes a whole side from the kid`s room. The huge size of the unit forces you to do that. Try to avoid blocking any windows as they are the only source of light and ventilation for the room. It is also preferable to avoid putting the unit in a location, where your kid is facing the wall. Always try to let him study with an amazing scenery, by facing a window or a plant for example. Try to avoid the L-Shaped bunk beds as they take two sides of the room and result in losing unnecessary space.

The Material
Teenage bunk beds are usually made from wood or metal. Each one of them has its pros and cons; the wooden beds for example are more durable, yet they are also more bulky. On the other hand, the metal ones give you more open space in the bed, but it can`t handle the weights that the wooden one does.

The Cost
You have a wide variety of options to choose from. Price range starts from 100 USD to 700 USD depending on the elements, size and materials used. So, technically you can choose the wooden bunk bed with desk that is within your budget easily. Hopefully, this article helps you in choosing the right furniture for your kid`s room. We always need to make sure that we provide them with the best we can. Making their room interesting is something that can bring a big change in their behavior. Take your time in choosing the furniture and don`t rush. The last thing you need is investing in the wrong bunk beds for your kids.

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