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Faux Blinds to enhance the look of your Home

Faux Blinds to enhance the look of your Home

Blinds can be used in the home to prevent view from the outside. Faux blinds look like real wood blinds but do not absorb moisture and get warped. They are affordable, ideal for places like the kitchen and the bathroom. They are well designed for durability so you can be sure they will last for a long time. You can have them with stained or painted finishes to match your décor.

Improve the look of your Home with Faux Wood Blinds

Faux wood blinds can be fixed inside or outside the window of your home. If you feel there is too much sunlight coming in through the window you can pull down the blind. These blinds are made of PVC and are resistant to heat and moisture. They are built for all weather and you can face no problem of warping, rusting, fading or cracking.

The slats are imprinted with wood grain and look good when mounted inside the window. They can be easily adjusted. The white faux blinds match well with the trim to provide a finished look. They come with easy to follow instructions for mounting along with hardware.

Faux Wood Blinds for Privacy

Faux wood blinds come with a particular slat size and are available in two different colours. You can choose any colour that matches your room décor. You can have one with cords or one without cords. They are built with resistance to moisture and are ideal for any room including kitchen and bathroom.

They are cost effective and prevent too much exposure to the sun. The lift cord is placed on the right and the tilt cord is placed on the left, while the cordless comes with tilt wand on the left.

Benefits of faux Blinds

Faux blinds are cheaper than wood and provide quality service. They are well designed to be environment friendly and recyclable. You can get them in many colours and varieties. They are resistant to moisture so you will not face any problem of warping or cracking. Built for durability they are long lasting and easy to clean.

If you like, you can install faux wood blinds in your home and enhance it with style and elegance.

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