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Make a Roof Garden for your Office Top Décor

Make a Roof Garden for your Office Top Décor

Gardening is associated with beautification and the practice can be expressed in all manner of places and location. It is a common practice to have a garden at the backyard or in the front yard for the aesthetic beautification of the compound of a building style.

With the modern world, almost anything is possible with science. Such is the roof garden practice of today.

What is roof garden?

Roof garden is simply garden done on the roof top of a building. Yes, right at the roof top of the building! Don’t be wowed, nothing seems impossible these days. Gardening right there on the roof tops is just the application of basic science and technology.

This form of garden just like the conventional gardening on the ground is meant primarily for entertainment and recreation. In addition, the cultivation of plants for food is also welcomed in this design.

Rooftop farming practices

Like mentioned, food cultivation at the roof top is an addition to the practice of roof garden. The planting of light weight produce like vegetables, garden eggs and tomatoes would be a realistic and acceptable practice at the roof top. It is no big issue though that this is achievable. With culturing and minimal soil, some plants can grow very well on the roof tops.

Benefits of the roof top farming

There are whole lots of benefits in having a roof garden for your office and other high rise story buildings.

The absorption of the sun radiations helps to prevent direct impact on the building helping to keep the building cool and stable in terms of temperature.

The presence of greens is a way of raising and releasing the amount of oxygen to the environment. This is a health enhancement and improvement method for occupants of the building.

Besides the regulation of radiation, roof gardening helps to reduce rain run off to a minimal level.

The aesthetic design of greens and different mix of plants make for creating beautification for the environment. Your office can be just cool with roof gardening practice.

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