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Types of Designs that can help your Paver Patio Ideas

Types of Designs that can help your Paver Patio Ideas

Pavers are designs that bring your patio sparkling with their various design styles. Pavers can be described as the pathway on which leads through to your patio. They are installed with different design materials such as stones, concrete and bricks. This all can come in very beautiful colors, shapes and in sizes.

Pavers are seen uniquely on the floor with their pattern outlook which also comes in various finishes and design styles. In this article, we’ll concentrate on the design patterns of pavers so as to help serve as a guide for you when you plan having a paver patio ideas to consider possibly in the nearest future.

The running bond pattern

This is about the simplest of the pavers design. This design is achieved through the laying of the pavers side by side forming characteristic straight lines formats. They are the plainest designs and a more appropriate one for small areas and as well near the home to give more relevance to your home landscape design.

The basket weave pattern

If you are looking for anything vintage, the basket weave pattern is the paver design you are looking for. The paving combination makes the creating of column and row effect in the outlook.

The circular pattern

This, just from the name is installed by laying the pavers in circular shapes which may not actually be perfect circles. The spaces in between can be filled with concrete or sand to cover up the gaps. These designs are more suitable for more spacious areas to close up on the area.

The herringbone pattern

This is a pattern that is designed to give a V shape by placing the pavers in alternate paths. You can use this pattern for large or a medium size space. The peculiarity of this pattern can be seen with the effects it has visually.

The European fan pattern

This pattern is very challenging to achieve but when done, it remains one of the best designs for its beauty and adorable outlook. It gives the characteristic hand fan look and it’s so common in European paver patio ideas.

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