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Creating Girls Bedroom Ideas
  on Your Own

Creating Girls Bedroom Ideas on Your Own

Going creative with girls’ bedroom ideas is not something tough. You can do whatever strikes your mind and looks practical in the real life.  Taking some help from the existing ideas online or in the friends’ homes can be helpful but do not copy it as you find it but edit the design according to your lifestyle and home setting. Here are a few helpful tips to make your girls’ bedroom a world of their own:

Taking Some Help from Your Daughter: This is the best way to find ideas. Ask your daughter how would she like her room to look like. The youngest of girls have an imagination for their place and have a liking of some ideas. Discuss with your daughter about everything including wall paint, decoration, bed, cabinet, rug, wall clock, sheets, curtains and anything else that comes to your mind. Pick some of her ideas and add in it your wisdom and ideas to bring her room to life.

Choosing Colors  : It is not always pink that interprets your daughter’s personality. There are other shades that many girls die for and they fully compliment their personalities. Make a balanced combination of different colors that you think define your daughter and accentuate her room with them. You will be surprised to find out that some very unconventional colors for girls bedroom look appealing in her room because you made a find combination or you selected the right color that interprets your daughter’s vision of life.

Storage Options: As the storage options are essential in girls’ bedroom ideas, you need to pick some of the best looking storage options. Cabinets, beds with drawers, closet etc should be accentuating the room while giving you a good option of storage.  Open shelves can be adorned with her toys and accessories while the closed cabinets can be used for storing everything else.

Curtains and Wall Hangings: Curtains empower your decoration ideas or destroy them. Be very careful in curtain collection. For big and bold pattern curtains keep the length from ceiling to floor. If the windows get ample sunlight, choose a bit heavy fabric curtains to minimize sunlight effects in the summer. Choose frilled and laced curtains if your daughter loves things that have that flowery and decorated look. Wall hangings should include her favorite portraits from the cartoons and Disney movies. Real life objects must also be added among them to keep her aware of the world she lives in.

Multiple Cushions: Kids love cushions and especially if you go creative in making cushions. Make one with gingerbread man idea, another like a rag doll and so on. Keep a bolster pillow on her bed as it is highly comforting for leaning while she reads a story book or plays a game.

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