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Find some Colorful and Classic
  Garden Stools for Your home

Find some Colorful and Classic Garden Stools for Your home

Ceramic garden stools are classy and they come useful for a number of purposes. You can use them in the garden as stand for a beautiful plant pot that needs to be raised from the ground. Placing them at random spot in your garden increases the visual appeal of your garden. Choose turquoise, white, light brown and above all multicolor stools for your garden. Hey are classic and you using them as a side table while you sit in the garden is very practical. Their design and styles make them an ideal piece of furniture in your garden serving the purpose of decoration a well.

Classic: Garden stools are since ages. Heir classic appearance in ceramic form is more popular because they come in a great variety of colors that make them look rather like vases in any environment. If you keep them in the garden, the ceramic designs and pretty colors make them shine among the plants. There are metal garden stools as well but would suit more on your inside environment as you can accentuate your living room and bedroom with them. Put them next to your bed or sofa for placing your cup of tea or glasses and magazine while you take a short break from reading. You can keep one or two around while you sit to rest for some time in the garden or in your living room. Apart from being a colorful decorative addition, they serve as a small additional coffee table, too.

Trendy: The sun of trends never sets on garden stools. In China they were manufactured and used 1000 years ago. In every fashion style and environment get a garden stool with matching patterns or color and you can see that it fits perfectly well. Everybody loves them for their unique look and elegant style. They are often put next to chairs, on both sides of the dressing table, between the sofa chairs, next to beds or any other place that looks good with a garden stool. No matter what design you buy, it remain looking trendy in all ages. People having garden stools since the age of their grandparents, use them in their homes; and these stools fit the environment of new fashion contemporary furniture.

Practical: Garden stools come in a pair or as a single piece. It depends on your room setting or needs that you put one stool or a full pair. They are a small coffee table like option which is can be carried anywhere in the room. They are incredibly practical and versatile. From one corner of your home till the garden there is no place that would look bad or crowded with a little garden stool.

1- Blue modern ceramic garden stool This hand glazed garden stool can shine among your plants with grace. Its light color and modern pattern  is simple but still can add a lot more to the grassy land where you prefer to sit. Made of fine ceramic and smooth in its surface, it is highly practical for daily use. Whenever you feel the need of cleaning it, wash it with simple water and soap, it becomes shiny novel again.

2- Ceramic garden stool/accent table with lattice design This barrel shaped little garden stool looks great in your bedroom. Just place it next to your bed or the dressing table. For adding texture and glaze this ceramic item is an ideal object. The different shades of turquoise go matching with contrasting colors in your interior. If you get a pair, place them in a prominent spot for style and attraction of your bedroom or living room.

3- Pierced Garden Stool This looks sturdy, right? In your garden or inside your home, versatility is for this stool. In black and white bedroom theme, this stool can be an epic mean of decoration. High gloss finish makes it looking new and spotless all the time. Its serene grey shade is what makes it a favorite piece of decoration for bedroom of grand parents and other elders. For multi purpose usage, this stool is a popular choice.

4- Embossed Garden Stool his intricately designed stool is a proud addition for living rooms and bedrooms furnished with an antique theme. The double color shade creates an aura of antiqueness with a style giving the vibes of trends. Its solid shape and style is what accentuates the antique theme of your interior. An empty corner or side of a big chair can be brought to life with one of a pair. Second of the pair can be placed at the opposite side or just next to it depending on your room setting.

Looking for an instant update of your garden or bedroom? Here is this white spotless garden stool for a highly affordable change in the home. Its white shiny look is ideal if your bedroom needs some brightness. The design is simple but adds elegance in the environment. For being white it can go with any color theme in your interior. You can place it under the shower as well as its  ceramic whiteness is chic for bathrooms.

6- Ceramic Ridged Two Color Garden Stool You can place this fashionable garden stool anywhere in your lawn whether it is among a few bushes or under a canopy of trees. The lovely color of the stool helps it to camouflage in with Nature’s beauties. It is a 2 toned stool with a 1 year warranty from its retailer. The splendor of this stool is in the fact that the glazes are hand applied. Every stool that you order does not look the same.

7- Arabella Garden Stool – Gold This chic Arabella Chinese stool with its intricate and creative carvings, is best for outdoor purposes. Install it out among your plotted plants and greenery. The beautiful gold color it comes in is enough to turn heads. This beautiful stool will stand out like a pearl in your garden loaded with nature. Its diameter is 14 inches proving to be enough for any item you want to park on top of it.

8- Morac Hex Garden Stool The Morax Hex Garden Stool is hand made out of ceramic pottery along with a satisfactory finish also made with hand. You can place this furniture piece on your patio and it will blend in greatly. Choose any color that you like out of their tasteful selection. Every singe stool you order from this collection will be different than the other because of its hand crafted nature.

9- Square Garden Stool Turquoise Add a bright shine to your garden with this Square Garden Stool and the dazzling colors that it comes in. All their garden stools are made with environment friendly materials like ceramic ensuring no harm to be done for your plants and keep your garden looking

10- Blue Landon Garden Stool The friendly and happy colors you will find this stool in will really make your garden look loads brighter and happier. Easy to the eyes and will glow in the sunshine that will come down on your garden. The design of the stool is also very stylish and made of robust powder coated metal. Also the sea blue color you can purchase the stool in is very closely related to nature and shall blend in sweetly with your garden.

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