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Framed mirrors in different rooms

Framed mirrors in different rooms

Framed mirrors above vanities
Mirrors have come to our lives as useful things that can also expand space, and framed mirrors are designed to decorate our homes and improve the appearance of rooms. Mirrors not only visually enlarge the room, but also reflect the light from chandeliers and lamps and “multiply” the number of vases with flowers, beautiful candlesticks and jewelry. When choosing a framed mirror, it is important to choose its size and the correct frame. In every part of our home mirrors have different roles and should be chosen very carefully.

  • Bath. The framed mirror above the sink should be stretched vertically. It is better if it is attached to special hinges: to turn it into different angles. Bathroom mirror frames should better be made of stainless steel or plastic. The humidity in this room can damage wood and chipboard frames.
  • Hall. A large mirror in a frame in a hallway also has utility. If the hallway is short, its length is “increased” with a mirror located there. A narrow corridor is visually enhanced by adding a mirror to one of its walls.
  • Living room. This space doesn’t envision the use of mirrors, but gilded frames that look rich and antique can go with Victorian interiors and even come with classic room designs. Oval mirrors fit perfectly in such an interior.
  • Bedroom. The bedroom is your private space so you can choose whichever mirror frame you like. It should definitely match the overall interior of your dormitory.

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