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How Can You Choose a Gorgeous
  Candle Chandelier for Your Home

How Can You Choose a Gorgeous Candle Chandelier for Your Home

Are you going through the light fixture selection phase and feeling totally lost? You just sit in front of hundreds of options and can`t really tell which fits the most? Well, we are here to give you a hand. A candle chandelier is what most catalogues and décor designers recommend these days regarding the light fixtures. We are about to discuss now the different styles, sizes and lighting.

The Style
The design of a candle chandelier can vary from modern ones to classic; it all depends on the materials used in the chandelier itself. Crystal chandeliers for example are always a reflection for luxurious lifestyles. Beaded, shell and glass chandeliers are considered to be in the classic theme too, but they are considered to be lower categories than crystal ones (they are cheaper). Moreover, if you are searching for a chandelier that fits you rustic theme, there are the antler chandeliers; those are chandeliers that are literally made from antlers of animals. Last but not least, there are modern metal candle chandeliers. Those ones are usually more simple and usually the cheapest.

The Location
Chandeliers can be installed nearly everywhere in your place; outdoors, indoors, living rooms or even spacious reception halls. The golden rule is to choose a candle chandelier that goes with the location theme and always keep in mind the size proportionality (you don`t want to be moving around ducking in order to avoid being bumped into one of the candle chandeliers).

The Illumination
Some people may prefer the old fashioned real candles when it comes to the using a crystal candle chandelier. Using scented candles for lighting can be really relaxing. It also gives a very calm lighting that is pleasant to the eye. On the other hand, some people prefer using candle-shaped electric bulbs. Electric bulbs are actually more practical than traditional candles especially, if you are planning to install the fixture outdoors. In addition, they don`t cause the mess that traditional candles do and they don`t need replacement every now and then.

The Size
Some hanging candle chandelier are 3 meters long and God knows how wide they are. Those are the ones we see in classic movies and are usually installed in mansions. Being back to the normal, chandeliers are usually of moderate size and can fit in a single room without making the space stuffy or cramped.

The Price
Well, let`s see, you can buy a candle chandelier starting from 20 USD up till 20,000 USD. I am pretty sure that you can find your budget easily within this range. The price depends on the material and the size of the chandelier. All in all, choosing a candle chandelier can be really hectic if you don`t know how to start. Make sure to know what style you exactly want, the location where you will install it and of course no need to remind you with setting the budget for it.

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