Renting 1 bedroom apartments – some tips

Renting 1 bedroom apartments – some tips

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If you urgently need a place to live, but your income does not allow you to have a household of your own, you should stop renting 1-room apartments, especially if you do not plan to live there alone. An “average” 1-room apartment consists of a kitchen-living room (these rooms are often combined), a bathroom and a bedroom. It is the simplest variant of a 1-room apartment to rent and of course the cheapest. Even if your salary is not very high, you can still make monthly payments in the form of checks or cash. The better option is to rent a 1-room house.

It costs a little more than an apartment, but you have a little more space. Backyard, front yard, garage – all of these areas are available to you when renting this type of property. Some houses for rent, even the small ones, have swimming pools in their yards. Choosing such a 1-bedroom house for rent can be recommended to a small family with one child or one parent and one child.

Although individuals typically rent studios, they may also be advised to choose a one-bedroom apartment to rent. Then it becomes possible to visit a guest and pry him (or her) for a night or have a party with friends, using a living room and kitchen as the space for that party. The rental price of a one bedroom apartment depends on the prestige of the area in which you are renting it.

1 bedroom apartments

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