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How You Can Make Classy and
  Romantic Bathroom Window Curtains

How You Can Make Classy and Romantic Bathroom Window Curtains

What is behind the curtain? Shining sun or tiny rain drops? is the wind making the leaves clap happily or are the birds chirruping on the branches? You get curious while grooming your hair in the bathroom early in the morning. Pull the bathroom window curtains and have a look of the outside world that is so beautiful in the start of the day. Keep there a stylish way to pull the curtains before you peep out.

Do not just push them with your hand to get close to the window for having a full view, make a gap between the two curtains and ribbon both curtains separately to make a wide gap in between them. Or just roll them from beneath to upwards. Until you reach the middle part of your window and then you can clip the curtain or ribbon it on both corners to let it hanging on half of the window only.

Elegance is in Color and Fabric Selection
Want to choose a heavy fabric and dark color deigns? No, wait! This is not classy. Choose only very light lace curtains with flowery designs to create the traditional romance on your bathroom windows. Pink is awesome, sea blue is also wonderful, white is dreamy; go for it if you are a newly-wed couple. The white lace curtains keep on reminding you of your white bridal dress for a long time to come. Along with pretty memories, come true emotions! You are not meant to bring anything dull looking or harsh feeling thing in your bathroom.

This place is your private place and you deserve the bet environment when it comes to your personal grooming, bathing and preparing for a nice sunny day ahead. Moreover, your light curtains do not avert the outside fresh air to enter inside your bathroom even if they are fully drawn. A fresh breeze is always a welcome into your bathroom. A strong gust of wind easily pushes them to get in from the windows.

Decorating the Bathroom Window Curtains
Have you ever experienced hanging lovely crystal and glass beads on bathroom windows instead of curtains? They look stunningly beautiful. There are flower baskets, little lovely objects that hang form a chain and are used to decorate the bathroom windows. For a newly-wed couple these bathroom window curtain treatments look highly elegant. Against white or light colored bathroom window curtains the decorations looks classy but it all depends your taste and choice to pick a certain decoration or no. Y

ou can suffice with curtains that are designed in a trendy manner and are of light fabric. You can go with curtains for half of the window only. Mostly, the downer half of the window is curtained in this situation which looks pretty classy if you choose a fantastic design and style for hanging the curtain.