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How to choose the right bathroom lighting

How to choose the right bathroom lighting

Bathroom lighting of this old house

Your bathroom lighting is an important factor that you should take care of beforehand. If you choose the right lighting, your bathroom will look very comfortable and cozy. The right lights installed there can even visually enlarge the room, hide some internal resistances that you don’t want to see, and accentuate the bathroom professionals.

The ideal variant of lighting in the bathroom is its great variety. One light source should be installed on the mirror, another must be mounted on the ceiling or above the entrance door. Decorative pendants and wall lights emphasize beautiful elements of your shower and bathtub, furniture and decorative items. You should also remember that the effectiveness of lighting should depend not only on the power of the lamp, but also on the color of the walls and ceiling.

Dark ceilings and walls, rough structured surfaces absorb the light more intensely than smooth and light or light surfaces. Mirrors can also affect room lighting. Choose several large mirrors, but do not mount them opposite one another, otherwise they will “absorb” the space. In addition to traditional lights and wall lights, bathroom lighting can also be installed in the bathtub.

It forms the magical light that comes directly from the depths of the water and creates a fantastically beautiful room atmosphere. Green and blue neon recessed lights will change the look of your bathroom, turning it into a charming place where you can relax and forget about the problems you have during the day.

how to choose the right bathroom lighting