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How You Can Furnish Your Home
  with French Furniture

How You Can Furnish Your Home with French Furniture

If you are looking for updating your home with furniture that speaks of intricacy and flowery designs, go nowhere other than to French furniture. The allure of country furniture from France to contemporary furnishing idea is binding. Once you get to know the details of French furniture you cannot live happily but only after having furnished your home with furniture deep from French culture.  The sophisticated furniture made in the capital for kings and aristocrats of the society, is all about highly valued wooden art and designs that are not commonly found at the furniture stores.

Choosing Matching Ideas: The cabinets, tables, chairs and cupboards etc. are made with beautiful deigns as is the tradition of top class society of France but it is mostly linked to old times. It has its own grandeur and aura. A home furnished with these sorts of furniture needs a lot of thinking and planning as if it does not turn out to be exactly matching and blending with all the environment and setting of a home, it looks absurd and not-in-place.

The rules of making an elegant home with classy appearance needs that you choose your French furniture with good sense of art. For making your home a place that speaks of the age of kings and courts of France, you need to get the furniture pieces with blending qualities. The curtains and wall-painting of your home should blend with the furniture choice.

Sticking to One Theme: Do not get mixed up about the different ideas of French furniture and choose French country furniture for your kitchen, for example, and choose royal French furniture for your living room. Keep the theme one in all over your home to maintain well balanced furnishing. It is good that you plan first the items you need for your bedroom, living room, kitchen and mind you that the mirrors on the walls and your decoration ideas should also follow the French furniture theme of your choice.   The paintings on the walls must convey a clear message of the theme you choose.  The rugs on the ground and carpets should also remain in the same style that you choose for your furniture.

Gathering Knowledge: Accentuating your interior with miner and major details that go with French furniture only can bring a complete French look in your house. Before you get started, have a through look at French lifestyle and culture. Study the home furnishing aspect of a French family and check the online and published articles about French home setting. You can take guidance form the online portals where French furniture is discussed in detail. These can give you a great insight about how to set your home according to your new plan.

1- Keswick Ribbon Upholstered Armchair : Bring an antique and beautiful traditional look to your living or dining room with this magnificent armchair. Carved out of high quality mahogany, you can place this armchair anywhere in your living room with its suiting measures and dimensions. The armchair’s height is of moderate size measuring 37″.  The width is also very considerable that is around 23″.

2- LPD Furniture Chantilly Dressing Table Stool In Antique White : Add a finishing touch to your bedroom with this exquisite white dressing table. With its elegance and charm, it shall definitely bring a totally new dimension to your bedroom. The item is very portable with its fitting dimensions of W 46 x D 37 x H 45 CM. Purely constructed of MDF (Medium-density fibreboard) with a perfect lacquer finish. Also the cleaning process is done easy for you only have to wipe away any speck of dust with a damp cloth.

3- French style chateau furniture : Is French art impressive to you? This Chateau Bedroom Furniture is just the ticket for you. The piece is made of high quality of rubber wood and will keep with you for a prolonged period of time. Originating from Guangdong, China this dressing table has a very antique and grand aura about it. It is also hand carved and has gorgeous leaf-gilding all over it. A dresser fit for a palace!

4- French Medallion Mirror: Add a personal and glamorous touch to your bedroom with this 51″ high magnificent mirror. The style of the mirror is very unique. The stone embellishments that adorn the circumference of the mirror can add a very vintage effect to your bedroom. No matter which dresser you have, this stone colored mirror will fit in with almost every color and style of room and dresser.

5- French style Sebastian Side Table : This table is certainly something! With its bleached pine finish it can look very different than all your expectations. All the imperfections you see are deliebrate and they are beautiful. Dimensions measure up to 25″W x 19″D x 29″H. The strong pine wood this table is constructed of promises it a long life. You also have an adorable curvy cabinet door where you can store goodies.

6- Antique Venetian Mirrored Bed : This grand bed will be an amazing option for your bedroom due to its high appeal and beautiful luxurious outlook. If you have a modern bedroom interior then this Antique Mirrored bed will blend in perfectly. A sheet of pain white linen and maybe a faux fur mat and you can create the best contemporary look there is for bedrooms.

7- Aquitaine Duck Egg Chest : This chic chest of drawers will bring to your room a very provincial French look thanks to its unique color. You can call it egg blue, the color! It has 3 wide drawers best for keeping your belongings and items that are dear to you. The artificially distressed touch it has to it brings a magnificent and very antique aura around it. Dimensions are as follows: 70cm H x 77cm W x 35 cm D.

8- Caldrin French Chair : Adorn your living room with this classic French chair and its magnificent variety of colors. There is a set of 10 different colors you can take your pick from while keeping in mind your house’s decor and style. The exquisite carvings of the chair will really tempt you greatly along with the fabulous upholstery. You can also oder one of these chairs in your own choice of material.

9- Antoinette French Country Linen Oak Day Bed : Reconnect with the past centuries’ furniture style with this Oak bed. The Earth like tones of the bed along with its chic style will greatly appease to you and shall match your house’s decor style. The soft mattresses and pillows are made purely out of linen in natural ecru color while the oak is naturally bleached. The bed mattresses are stuffed with feathers and fibers.

A grandeur sofa this is with its striking choice of color. It is a beautiful button tufted, nail head trimmed sofa with upholstery that is 55 percent viscose and 45 percent linen. The base of the sofa is finished with light wood and the arms are lined beautiful beads creating a royal effect. The sofa goes up to 30 inches in height making it perfect for your sitting

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