Sunday , 21 July 2024


Black is the favorite colour of majority of the people across the globe and is followed monotonously or out of choice by some personalities. Their wardrobe is full of black clothes, black shoes and black bags etc. the reason for this is that black colour is timeless, chic and simple and is fit for almost any kind of occasion.

It brings the required confidence and power in an individual and all at the same time; it hides all the stains from your personality. It can be worn the whole day. The best kind of black outfit is the one that is monochromatic; it seems very pure and cool and perfect for welcoming in the cooler weathers.

Black wardrobe gets hard to maintain sometimes; the reason being the monochromatic choice of black colour. Sometimes women find it hard to do the appropriate matching or combination of everything black. But that is not an issue because everybody faces the same problem in a monochromatic black wardrobe. The first thing to take care of is that whatever two pieces of black colour you match for wearing, they should be of the same texture and they are not different.

Moreover, if you have more dresses of the same texture then it looks monotonous. You should try adding different fabrics to your black wardrobe for example leather, fur, patent leather, knits and include velvets as well. Apart from that, go for different cuts and clothes in black colour like shirts, blouses, skirts and other things.

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