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Install Outdoor Screens and Enjoy Privacy

Install Outdoor Screens and Enjoy Privacy

Many houses are designed with verandas and pergolas which extend to the whole width of the house and end overlooking the fence into the neighbour’s backyard. To prevent this and provide some privacy for the people living in the house there are outdoor screens available. This makes your backyard special private and peaceful, far from the prying eyes of the neighbours.

Privacy Screen Ideal for fencing

If you want to install fences in commercial or residential areas than privacy screen is the best option. This is economical and provides you privacy using a clean wall separating a construction site or your neighbour’s backyard. It is convenient to get some privacy in your backyard using this screen.

The height of the privacy screen 6’ and fits perfectly on a wall of 6’. It is also 50’ long besides weighing 150 grams for every square meter. It is ideal as a fence against, garden yard, court, pool and home. It is made up of polyethylene and provides 90% blockage. It has a UV resistant tape and the aluminium grommets which are provided on the four sides are rust free. There are double grommets on every corner for additional strength.

Decorative Screens for Fencing

If you are looking for decorative outdoor screens to provide you with some privacy then the store can fulfil all your requirements. The screens are cut using laser technology like folding cutting and punching. You can order them to any measurement that you desire. If you contact the manufacturer directly you will be able to save on the screen.

If you are looking for DSD panel for your backyard fencing then you will get them customized to suit your needs. This is affordable and you do not have to undergo fabrication costs.

Try out Bamboo Pole Capping Fences for backyard

When you want to set up a screen using bamboos, you have to give it a good finish using Eden screen cap at the end of each panel. This gives the perfect finish leaving a clean line along the top. This is made using natural bamboos. The top of each panel is given a symmetric finish.

If you want to use outdoor screens for some privacy these are some of the ways in which you can do it.