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Lightness of loft beds

Lightness of loft beds

The loft beds are similar to the bunk beds but only have one difference. The loft beds are the type of beds in which the frame of the bed is hold on the top of another frame of bed and it enables more than one or even more people to sleep in a very small place but very comfortably as one will acquire separate bed and also the whole thing will take place in only a space which can be taken by one large bed. But the lower bed is not there in the loft beds as compared to the bunk beds which got the lower bed also and in the loft beds the lower space where there is no bed frame can used to place any other furniture like desk and chair.

How the loft bed works? The loft beds are mostly supported on the 4 columns like stands in all the direction and they act like vertical support and takes all the load and pressure that can be dead load and live load. Dead load is the self weight of the bed and the horizontal frame while live load is the moving load and it depends weather the person is sleeping on it or not.

There is a ladder provided in these loft beds which enables the person to climb on the bed as there is no lower bed frame and also a railing type of support is provided on the horizontal frame which will resist the falling of the sleeper in middle of the night.

These types of loft beds are generally used in the ships where more and more people have to be carried and less space is there and in the military camps it become really difficult to provide separate beds to the soldier to sleep and also because of the hard scheduling of the training camps the loft beds are used. Other places where these beds got importance are hostels, prisons.

Types of loft beds: The simple loft bed is the one which possess the top bunk and it leaves a big space under the frame of bed which can be used to place drawers to store important things and it can also be used to place chair and table and can be used for work. The other type of loft bed is triple loft bed. And there are total three bunks or we can say three horizontal frames of bed.

For the safety of the sleeper sleeping on the top bunk, the small and fine railings are used which prevents the rolling and falling of the sleeper from the top. The price range of these beds varies accordingly, as per the uses of material. The material can be plastic, steel and wood. While selection of material it should be made sure that the material is highly durable and of fine quality as more and more person will be using it. It is highly recommended that these loft beds should not be used for the children below the age of six for ensuring their safety.

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